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  1. what are warning points?

  2. Hello everyone, Madonna is having a great year with us. See you in New Orleans!

  3. Hi Johann, I am unable to access the community boards for some reason. I am not sure if is my connection or ICON's end. I have recently in the last 10 days relocated to San Diego from Seattle. Maybe because my membership may have expired? I'm just not sure. Please help. Keith Hass

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    You all must see this movie, because you will hear the zephyr in the room. Not only to my reference but the show as a whole was dazzling!
  5. Ok, I'm glad I have some time off before Monday rolls around again. On Friday I took a certification exam for the the type of work I may be doing in my near future. Well, low and behold four hours later I miserably failed the thing. I was so bogged with information in my head it made me really tired and I still had residual headache from two days prior. I thought I was so prepared. I have been reviewing since mid August. I graduated in June. I am a little disappointed, but I don't want to go cry in a corner. I had a lot of mixed feelings for a couple hours afterwards. I am ok. I can take it again in 45 days and pay the several hundred in fees to re-test, ugh!! I actually really dread it. It now feels like torture to put all that time in again and not know the outcome. I am desperately seeking other employment as my current job is exactly that, a job. It is almost 4am and why am I still up. I think it might because I can get this out in some form and that this particular blog is low traffic. I figure not a lot of people will read this. Thanks if you have. I really don't know what to do with myself in this moment in time, I feel so stupid. I did get to see my 41st b-day last month on the 6th and I graduated college. I feel like I still have not done enough to find that happy place. I guess I will keeping my eye out for that one. LIFE IS FUNNY, BUT THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME TO LAUGH. I said that.
  6. I just joined again. You know I might miss something important from ICON. I still want to do some projects on this site. like write for one those contest. I just could not pull myself together to write for the last contest. I wasn't feeling it. After i wrote a few sentences that turned into paragraphs and said, "That's terrible." Maybe next time. I also would like to contribute to the picture project. I think I have a couple unique items like the autographed SORRY single from the Pet Shop Boys. Now where did I put that ? Alot of my Madonna collection is in a chest in the closet. Here is to another fun year of Madonna.
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    I need to put this out there for you guys. I had a couple dreams I remember in the last couple of weeks still. They were in color. One was with Madonna and the other ...ready for this Hillary Clinton. These dreams were only several days apart. My Hillary Clinton dream was first. I dreamed that I went somewhere to meet her in some official mode. The reason is because in the dream she had had three other men that were dressed in dark suits/white shirts following her like a security detail. In the dream She approaches me in this room by a window with curtains and the sunlight was shineing through. I stood there and we meet with the hand shake greeting. Always in my dreams I can never hear people what they are saying. My dreams have virtually no sound, but sometimes not as I will tell with the Madonna dream. Som Hillary and I proceeded to meet and sit down at this brown wooden polished table and the dream faded at that point. I am not sure of the meaning of the dream. Only that it was an official type of function. Maybe I had this dream because I wanted Hillary Clinton to be president. I still think about her statement about, " A thousand cracks in the ceiling." in her last major speech when leaving the presidential race. My Madonna dream involved first me sitting on a bus with my partner next to me, not sure thought becuase that person was blurred in the dreamm but I felt similar energy. As I sat in the bus and looked out the window I saw Madonna approaching the bus landing area. There were suddenly a bunch of people around her and asking questions and crowding her. In this dream I heard myself say does she ever get tired of people crowding her and being up in her face? Before I knew it Madonna was on this bus and sat next to me in the isle over from me. Suddenly I had an egg carton in it with some eggs. Madonna leaned over and looked at my eggs and I said," some of the eggs are broken, but you can have the ones that are not." She said, " No I'm ok." and we proceeded to have this longer conversation about some other things and she did mention something about being constantly crowded by the public and magically my hearing stared to fade away and so did the dream. I also noticed that it was a bit grey outside and we were wearing warmer clothes, but not for freezing cold. I know we talked about other things but I just can't remember anymore. Maybe there is some relationship about these dreams that I do not understand yet or some quality in these individuals and myself that I am trying to recognize and this was the best way my mind could relate these problems to me.
  8. Referendum 71 in Washington state has passed on a narrow margin. This means now that same sex domestic couples and domestic partneers of the opposite sex i.e. all domestic couples as registered by the state have the same rights as married couples. We are the first state to make this issue a gender neutral situation. I just need to say that yes in some corner of the US there is equality . Ok can we get rid of the word marriage now as a statute of a legal word. I can hope, perhaps at the federal level this could happen in our lifetime once DOMA is axed !
  9. I am really pleased the justice this magazine has given Madonna. I loved the cover and the article as well. If anyone has the chance, please pick up this issue as there are some other articles that are interesting. I never knew about the garbage in the Pacific Ocean. I knew it was there, just not in this capacity. Being in the Navy many years back there was some questionable practices done that I did not like, pertaining to trash. I never participated in that job. I feel so bad for all those animals this effects. Now eventually it will effect humans as it climbs back up the food chain. I also noticed another thing about the magazine is that it has been considerable downsized, since I last bought an issue with Madonna on the cover. I at first could not find it in the stand and preceeded to look for titles and where this type of magazine would be located. i guess it is true that magazines like newspapers are not big selllers anymore due to our change in technology and the way we receive information. Anyway the article was written I felt without a strong political bent, which is a good thing as those types of insertions create unneeded emotional garbage in our psyche. RollingStone also had a great link for madonna snipets and I did watch when Madonna was on SNL and did the skit on "Coffee Talk", it was like butter!
  10. Madonna is just now having this issue, ok well a time back I remember the neighbors called on me a few times, as the manager request I should turn it down. time went on for a bit and it was probably a weekend or something or possible study, becuse sometimes Ilistened to loud dance music from the net. It would actually help me study/memorize some things and i could make an association with exams instead of waiting 20 minutes in and having a revelation of an answer. The music really helped, maybe it is strange as most students would rather sit in silence I think. Eventually I had the police show up and I thought it was a casual visit. You know the scene... "Was it really that loud officer?" So, I was met between fantasy and surprise of my surprised officer visit. Usually I would be with the study deal and then go dance for a few hours and everything was ok. I have not done it since and have put earphones on that have a long enough cord to get up and dance. Now that's funny. I thought I would just share that, have a good weekend all.
  11. Hi Iconers, Been away for a bit. Anyway not much has been going on. Did see the Pet Shop Boys a couple of weeks ago here in Seattle. The show was great even with the venue being the Moore Theater. It got hot fast. I boght a program that I looked at a few times and now it will probably be put on the shelf. It was more diffficult to get a autograph from them this time. I guess I did not try hard enough. I have one from the last time they were here and we got to dance on the floor at the Paramount Theater. I started the fall quarter again at the UW. I am taking some legal class for health care. Honestly I am excited that my long college career will come to an end this June. I am so ready to move on with that part of my life. Anyone want to donate to my college fund that would be great...taking all bids Also just visited the Hawaiian Islands just last month. I like to travel for my birthday away from my mundane life and live little dreams. The big island is wonderful. The frogs at night were screetching and the stars are an amazing sight. saw the lava glow and spill into the ocean. There were giant sea turtles on the beach, WOW! I did venture to do some snorkling on my actual bday (9/6). The colored fish were nice to see among the reef. It was quite the feat to be scimming over just a foot of water and then suddenly I'm in many feet of water. I got a little spooked by that. At one point I did not like being so far out from shore as the waves crashed over my head and I choked a couple times. The blowing that needs to be done with the snorkling gear is a matter of getting used to. I went in kinda quickly after that. I am not sure what my fear is besides that of a surprise shark attack. I was delighted that the water was so warm and blue. Here in the northwest the waters can be clear and dark and frigid. I almost never get in the water here, unless it is a swimming pool. I did manage to get a pretty good burn that day, becuse the next day it was difficult to sleep I'll say... This was with a 30 proof on. Life goes on and now all that is a memory as the work day tends to encompass any originality in thought that I developed while away in my little dream. Good night. Keith
  12. i just watched Celebration several times to see what was going on in the video. I stopped and paused it on several occasions, to see the different images. Lourdes does some type of floor move and is not just in the outside circle. It took a couple pauses for me to see this. Good job Lourdes ! The guy in the beggining I could not see what was on his chain around his neck. Everyone in the video was definately having a good time. Madonna looks delicious . I love the tipping of the sunglasses, reminds me of a gesture you did a long time ago in the early years. The guy in the red boxer pants you are super hot! Thanks Madonna for giving us a truely stylish celebrating video.
  13. Ok, So on Friday afternoon I started my vacation until the 14th of September. I have not had this much time off in a few years besides a week here and there or the three day holiday weekend event. I am at a point in my job where I had to use vacation time or lose it. I thought a few months ago I would use this time to travel a little bit and have a birthday on a nice beach with coconut palms over my head. also this will be a good time to have time off before heading back to classes September 30th at the University of Washington. I will graduate this coming June. It has taken many years of evening classes to come to this point. I can see a light at the end of a tunnel for my education. Sometimes I look back and thing damn, I did some things backwards and still arrived at this point alive. How did that happen I wonder? i think it has something to do with my own will power and fighting demons on the way, that sometimes still chew on my heels. After work on Friday i met some work friends at a local bar and had some coctails, mainly because one of them is living in NYC and visiting Seattle and wanting to return to Seattle. we had laughter and merriment us all and I met some totally new people. i called my girlfriensd Steph and she stopped by as did my partner John after work. I went home a little buzzed and got up to tend to the garden deck of our apartment. I love the fact that we have our own private outdoor space. The garden deck we planted all sorts of veggies this year. Harvested quite alot of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers that seem to magically appear overnight. Along with bell peppers that did well and the anaheim peppers were delicious. Now we are waiting on the sugar baby watermelons to get to the right size. The days are getting short fast, so therefore the growing season is coming to a close in the next few weeks for these types of vegtables and fruits in our area. The herbs sometimes will stay all year long as long as we do not get a hard freeze over several days. I also have a couple of palm trees on the deck and left them outside last winter. I almost lost my Mexican Fan Palm because the first few frawns that came up this spring and summer had burned out like damge to them. Now it is doing much better due to the warm sunny summer we had here in the pacific northwest. we have a martime climate here, so the winters are not always bitter cold, but they are damp and very coll into the upper thirties and low forties in the winter. last winter was very unusual where it snowed several times with records for cold temps and snowfall. I had to take snow off the deck on several occasions. At one point there was a foot of snow on the deck in December of 2008. ok wake up I'm done
  14. Hi all, Hope everyone is strting off to a great week, even better if you are seeing Madonna. I had a good weekend for the most. I went and chipped out some fossild in an area called Chuckanut. I found some plant fossils of fern and conifer types from about 50 million years ago or so. Give a take a few which is not much in geological time. The oysters are great in the Chuckanut area by the bay. Schucking some work to get to that muscle! this is the same day we went and saw District 9. hmmm... ok. For a low bufget film though freaking fantastic. Then on Sunday afternoon we and our girlfriend Steph went on a 4 hr party boat cruise. I know she put pics on facebook. It was a nice sunny day and it was great fun. You know dancing drinking boating and up to our local pub the Cuff for about an hour then home to get off our aching feet. it was fun to get out for once, it has been a couple months since we went dancing and doing our thing together. i have pretty much recovered since I did go to work today and had a good workout to let out the toxins of the ETOH, Ill sleep better than last night I hope. It was a bit restless I knew i had to go into work in a matter of hours. I was so glad the work day was over and did my workout. vacation starts on August 28 for two weeks and we have some things planned for our R&R time. Night all, have great dreams and live them the best you can : )
  15. Thought I would drop a line now. We are preparing for our heatwave in next couple of days to come. The highs will hover in the 90's to almost 100 by Monday and Tuesday. This is extreme for us since the norm is mid and upper 70's . I need to water my patio garden more later this evening. the cherrie tomaties have nice sweet taste and picked my first aneheim pepper yesterday. Not bad for a first time garden on a patio. I also planted sugar baby watermelons and right now they are the size of a jelly bean. I hope they make it. Harvest will likely be in September. they shpuld get to be about 10" round when ready. I almost lost my palm tree last winter due to the unusually hard winter we had of 1ft plus of snow and freezing temps here in the city (Seattle). The new fronds do not seem as burnt as the last two that sprouted. One plant I miss not blooming this year was my Jasimine. She purked up really well here lately and I have hopes for next season. The fragrence is so nice. I have a hummingbird feeder too and it is really cool to watch the hummer come and go and sit on his pirch to drink the nector I supply througout the year. Now that's sticky and sweet!
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