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Monday eve.



Hi all,  Hope everyone is strting off to a great week, even better if you are seeing Madonna.  I had a good weekend for the most.  I went and chipped out some fossild in an area called Chuckanut.  I found some plant fossils of fern and conifer types from about 50 million years ago or so.  Give a take a few which is not much in geological time.  The oysters are great in the Chuckanut area by the bay.  Schucking some work to get to that muscle! 

this is the same day we went and saw District 9.  hmmm... ok.  For a low bufget film though freaking fantastic.  Then on Sunday afternoon we and our girlfriend Steph went on a 4 hr party boat cruise.  I know she put pics on facebook.  It was a nice sunny day and it was great fun.  You know dancing drinking boating and up to our local pub the Cuff for about an hour then home to get off our aching feet.  it was fun to get out for once, it has been a couple months since we went dancing and doing our thing together.  i have pretty much recovered since I did go to work today and had a good workout to let out the toxins of the ETOH, Ill sleep better than last night I hope.  It was a bit restless  I knew i had to go into work in a matter of hours.  I was so glad the work day was over and did my workout.  vacation starts on August 28 for two weeks and we have some things planned for our R&R time.  Night all, have great dreams and live them the best you can : )


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