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Vacation and a rant/rave on my plants



Ok, So on Friday afternoon I started my vacation until the 14th of September.  I have not had this much time off in a few years besides a week here and there or the three day holiday weekend event.  I am at a point in my job where I had to use vacation time or lose it.  I thought a few months ago I would use this time to travel a little bit and have a birthday on a nice beach with coconut palms over my head.  also this will be a good time to have time off before heading back to classes September 30th at the University of Washington.  I will graduate this coming June.  It has taken many years of evening classes to come to this point.  I can see a light at the end of a tunnel for my education.  Sometimes I look back and thing damn, I did some things backwards and still arrived at this point alive.  How did that happen I wonder?  i think it has something to do with my own will power and fighting demons on the way, that sometimes still chew on my heels.

After work on Friday i met some work friends at a local bar and had some coctails, mainly because one of them is living in NYC and visiting Seattle and wanting to return to Seattle.  we had laughter and merriment us all and I met some totally new people.  i called my girlfriensd Steph and she stopped by as did my partner John after work.  I went home a little buzzed and got up to tend to the garden deck of our apartment. I love the fact that we have our own private outdoor space.

The garden deck we planted all sorts of veggies this year.  Harvested quite alot of cherry tomatoes and cucumbers that seem to magically appear overnight.  Along with bell peppers that did well and the anaheim peppers were delicious.  Now we are waiting on the sugar baby watermelons to get to the right size.  The days are getting short fast, so therefore the growing season is coming to a close in the next few weeks for these types of vegtables and fruits in our area.  The herbs sometimes will stay all year long as long as we do not get a hard freeze over several days.  I also have a couple of palm trees on the deck and left them outside last winter.  I almost lost my Mexican Fan Palm because the first few frawns that came up this spring and summer had burned out like damge to them.  Now it is doing much better due to the warm sunny summer we had here in the pacific northwest.  we have a martime climate here, so the winters are not always bitter cold, but they are damp and very coll into the upper thirties and low forties in the winter.  last winter was very unusual where it snowed several times with records for cold temps and snowfall.  I had to take snow off the deck on several occasions.  At one point there was a foot of snow on the deck in December of 2008.  ok wake up I'm done :)


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