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    www.Madonnathon.com Proudly Presents:   MDNATHON 2013   It's going be a nonstop MDNA Dance-Floor event, with MDNA giveaways all night long, Courtesy of Interscope Records and Madonnasworld.com.   at STUDIO TWENTY ONE 59 WEST 21st STREET, (between 5th and 6th Ave) NEW YORK, NY 10010   NO COVER!   MDNA drink specials and much more!!   SPECIAL GUEST DJs DJ Jene and DJ Hunty will provide the music.   Show your Madonna love !   Wear your best Madonna gear for a chance to

Whenever Love dreams

Whenever my Love dreams, Of You, The Evening drifts too soon, And the Roses bow, With the Midnight moon,   And Whenever you sway, Like a Salsa rose, I just Love you, Forever and a day,   Even though like the Sun, And its clouds, You're not all that you seem, Its your fine wine Beauty that dreams,   Whenever my Love dreams, Of You, The Sky lets go of the Blue, And the Gardens bouquets, Are more you


coolpoetic77 in Poetry

Moonlight of my Love

Through the Chill and warm Midnights, You are the Moonlight of my love, You'll always Lounge, and dance, Within my Soul,   You are the Moonlight, Of my Love,   Through the Rain and Warmth, You are the Moonlight, Of my Love, You're the One, I'll always Love, My Sublime dove,   You are the Moonlight, Of my Love, You are the Moonlight, You are the Moonlight of my Love Reynaldo Casison 'Songs of

Flamenco dancer

Within the plaza fountain, Of Reverie, She dances like her Midnight candles, With the desire for her Passion, To be Sweetly lit, Her Evening dress, Yellow as a Sunflower, And Sweet bliss, Her glow Ethereal, As a Luminous rose Moon,   The Evening wind, Serenades her Love, Unloosening the Golden river, Of her hair, And she lifts and sways her hem, Like an Iris garden, By the lakeshore, Her Naked heels and Sul

Confessions Tour Anniversary

So It's been 18 years since opening night of the Confessions Tour! That's crazy how fast times go by, that's almost 20 years! I remember back then I called off work the next day which I got written up for! But also I remember in those times Icon still had to be paid for and i remember renewing my membership that time. I also remember about a year after that I didn't have access to the internet and that a few days that I was a few days when my membership had expired and contacting support to make

Lounging within your Beauty

Lounging within your Beauty, You caress our weariness, Like a Shimmering dress,   A lighthouse hymns, By the exotic shore, With the love of our Golden solitudes, Its candles glow like a sighing woman, And a warm sweet moon,   Your tender sultry eyes, Are like the seagulls wings at Sunsets, When you blow kisses, In the wind, That hymn I love you,   You glow like moonbeams of honey, My dreamy Vixen, From the

Celebration Tour in Rio

First off, let me just say I'm glad that I got to witness the Celebration Tour in person in Inglewood in March. I attempted to try and watch the show on youtube, and the streams kept being stopped. There were some that continued but the people streaming them, would all continually talk during the performance or the sound would cut and then they would talk, or there would be notifications that would pop up and make sounds. It really made it difficult to actually enjoy it. There was one stream tha

Bouquet of roses

She wears a bouquet of roses, Like a vibrant tiara, Garden of her Beauty Reynaldo Casison 'Joy of writing haikus' 'Cool jazz of the haiku' 'Romantic Love poems'


I think I did the posting on the description, but this is the idea! Just to share with fellow subjects of the queen that this is IT! I'm so happy about it. Hope everyone can enjoy, either live or via tv   Also a little pic from LA.

Madonna in rio

I hope that I can watch the Rio show. I have globoplay, so I should be all set according to what I saw. I read that the concert starts at 745 eastern time, then I heard that the concert starts at 845 eastern time so I’ll keep an eye out. I also heard that  Diplos  set will be on multishow. Which is a channel on globoplay. I paid for my subscription just in case. I read that you don’t necessarily need a paid account with globoplay but knowing my luck.  I can’t wait last time I saw this tour was i

Pretty mama

Pretty mama, Swaying like a rose, Down the shore, The one whose love, is sublime and sweet,   Pretty mama, Love me as much, As I've always loved you, And we wont feel blue,   Your Beauty is love, That I adore, It kisses me like a Sultry dove, And youre fine and sweet,   And Pretty mama, You love me always as much, As I love you, Beyond the blue,   The Moon is glowing, Deep in the sky,

Four leaf clover

Does a four leaf clover, Know its own Beauty, In the Spring of midnights, A gypsy sways, Like a Ballerina butterfly, From flower to flower, Upon the passionate winds, of her Romance, And my love is the garden, Of all her loves,   Someone talented as Matisse, And Nice and sweet as riviera waves, For me and her, And the sun and the moon, Paint her a grass field, of four leaf clovers, Golden with stars, Sultry

Pretty darling of honey rain

When your Beauty, exquisitely dances, In golden stillness, And sweet rhythms, My love for you hymns, And you are as the Rain, For my loves flowers,   You sing with the unique honey, Of the Rain, And the stars become like champagne, With the compassionate sparkle, Of your exotic eyes,   Pretty darling of honey rain, And moons, When you kiss upon the cheek, From the vineyard of your love, They become like the


coolpoetic77 in Poetry

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