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Sweet Bliss



WithIn an Evening Reverie,

I Gazed WithIn,

And Theres My Ballerina Gypsys,

Sweet Vineyard,

Shes Dancing and Waltzing,

Like a Salsa Rose,


I Felt Her Beauty is the Sigh of Honey,

I've Adored Since the Beginning,

She is a Rare dancer of Love,

When All is Stillness,

The Solitude is Blue,

And Golden,


I Long for Sweet Bliss,

I Want Comfort,

And Your Love,

With the Stars Up Above,


I'll Be Your Romantic fool,

And You'll be Sultry cool,


And My Love Sighs,

Gaze WithIn,

And You Shall Feel,

The Moon of Our Love,


And I Felt,

She is the Tender Moon,

And its Waterfalls,

And Our Flowers Honey,

She Comes in Full Sway,

With Stilletos and Ponchos,


Sigh like a Candle,

As You Love Me,

You Love Yourself,

Like Nurturing Roses,


Ah, Sweet Darling,

Soothe It All,

Soothe Everything,

And Our Sorrows,

Shall Be like Sunflowers,


I Have Also felt Parched,

For the Moon and Rain

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'

'Starbright, Beauteous woman'

'Romantic Love Poems'






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