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Rose Petals Sonnet



With These Moonlight Kisses,

May All Your Soul Misses,

Sway to Sweet Blisses,


You Wear Your Own Robe,

And With or Without It,

I Love You So Much,

It Sparkles,

In Your Pretty Eyes,

And a Rose and its Petals Sonnet,

For a  Souls Forever Kiss and Sigh,


Ones Gotta Love the Style,

Of your Gypsy Fishnet Thighs,

It goes Well with the Lavendar fedora,

Some Exquisite and Pretty,

Cinema Star wore,

Love How her Beautys Wings Soar,

Kinda like a Vintage Nightingale,

Luminous Midnight Lore,


And Your Hips feel like Honey,

Soul and Dopamine,

Draws our Love Dear,

So Have No Fear,


Gaze WithIn,

What Do You Undress,

With Each Caress,

More of You,

And More of Us,

I'd Kiss the Majesties,

Of your Noon and Midnight Brow,

While Seagulls Wings Soar,

With the Rainbow Sunsets,

As You Hymn,

Nothing Else Matters,

Besides our Love,


Your Love,

And Crescent hips,

Are the Rarest Honey,

I've Waited,

Since the First Blush of Stars,

Soul and Dopamine,

Draws our Love Dear,

And Your Pretty Misty gaze sighs,

And Have No Fear,

Dopamine and Soul,

Draws Our Love Dear,


And Our Love Beams,

Our Love Beams,

WithIn there,

And Our Love Beams,

Like Forever,

You'll Caress Us,

WithIn There,


Our Love Beams

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing"

'Starbright, Beauteous woman'

'Romantic Love Poems'









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