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  3. GONE!!!


    Damn, I'm stoned. 

  4. I'M so ***CENSORED*** stoned. I luv cannabis!

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  6. I’m a newbie and I love Madonna since I was 12. I’m 50 now and she has not ceased to amaze me. 

  7. I'm so damn stoned.

  8. If u look through my pictures, you will see him. You will also see a little chihuahua. His name is ian and that is his dog wilma aka miss little. He's my true love, we called eachother husband, i had practiced proposing to him many times. I gave him lots of rings. He was my best friend and the coolest guy ever. We lived together until my drug addict brother turned everything upside down and he moved to oregon and began to isolate himself and . I'm in California. Now we're not together and I'm all alone. I loved being alone and it didn't bother me. I could smoke weed all alone no problem at a
  9. Sonic Pressure


    Last last Friday my sister and I went to see xtina at the Hollywood Bowl. It was very cool she sounded amazing. There were some assholes in the crowd that were singing along and trying to sing with her it was annoying but xtina was great It was the first time we ever took a a park and ride. We went back to carsoj and we were both born in Torrance. At the end of the night to get back on the bus we had to walk through and between buses that were on it it was like a death trap it was pretty scary. There was this tunnel on the exit and the roof was maybe 6 feet tall end it was I wan
  10. So right now, I'm trying to not feel so sad. I just took a huge bong rip. I'm so lonely. I've been more emotional than usual. It's really bad. One good thing is this Friday my sister and I are going to see Xtina at the Hollywood Bowl. She's gonna be with the Phil harmonic. It's gonna be awesome. Right now I'm blasting Bionic. So cancer is in full swing. Yesterday was Bill Cosby's birthday. #isupportthecos He's been released from prison! I never believed any of that crap. So I love the cos and I give zero fs. I always said #freethecos
  11. I'm higher than a kite.

  12. Sonic Pressure


    So on June 24th I turned 44. I really hate birthdays they're awful right now it's like 12:30 in the morning and I'm feeling really lonely and really sad I can't I'm so sick of it. So I'm trying to keep my mind on other things so I decided I will work on this blog I don't know about that onlyfans s*** it's I have for the picture I put up a picture that was not something I do usually put up and it was at onlyfans crap so I'm going to put a picture of my ass on here it's not like I was doing something obscene and I gave zero F's so but I also have told personal stories that where could be shockin
  13. So i just smoked a big fattie i rolled. I never had a problem smoking alone. The lonely feeling is just awful. I can't stand it. I can't handle getting even more sad. I created a onlyfans. Right cheek is on it and i wanted to like her and u could only do so if u had a profile lmao. It's sad cuz right cheek sends me all these nasty messages and they always have a price!! It's sad, i gave her a $3 tip and she said what was she gonna do with 3 dollars, i left this long ass comment on how 3 is a lucky number. I decided I'm going to be an influencer on only fans. Lmfao, I'm listening to Garbage,
  14. Smoking joints alone at 2 am isn't like it used to be. 

  15. I'm so damn stoned 

    1. Dreamerz


      Lucky you lol I wish I was stoned but I have to travel couple hours for anything and our police regularly have sniffer dogs with them at our train stations lmao 

    2. Sonic Pressure

      Sonic Pressure

      That's a bummer, ill take a hit for u

  16. I'm so ***CENSORED*** stoned!

  17. Right now I'm blasting Hung Up, i just had a little meltdown. I just thought about Ian, I'm clearly not over him. We were best friends and now we don't even speak. Having a broken heart is unbearable. I would rather be at the dentist or in the hospital. It's worse than my nightmares, I'd rather have a night terror. Nightmares end when u wake up, you get to leave the hospital and the dentist. The nighttime is worse the loneliness i feel is a the worst I've ever felt. I use to like being alone now i just want to hide . It's 4am and i just took a bong rip. I have some dank, so that's good. Last
  18. It might sound like I'm an unapologetic ***CENSORED***!

  19. So I'm pretty stoned right now. I called discount dank this evening and i got some flower. I luv the lady who takes calls. She always calls me eugene
  20. I'll be invincible,  I'm tired of secrets.

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  22. Hello All, Been a while i thought i would log back in.... how are all Madonna fan's out there doing? 

  23. My meds i take at night says that marijuana can make u more drowsy. That's true. Writing messages takes so long, it is kind of like slow motion. I take these for my bipolar and ptsd. I've always been sad but the sad and lonely feeling i feel now is unreal, it's ***CENSORED*** unbearable. I should have known my happiness has the black cloud too. When ian and i were together, i was happy actually happy i was so happy and i had never had that feeling of true honest happiness. I didn't know i could feel that way. Losing that happiness has left me truly brokenhearted and devastated. I'm unable t
  24. It sux being sad and lonely at 2 am.

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