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    I was uploading pictures and then i saw all these other old pictures. Now i feel like i wanna cry. I'm all alone. And im sad. Yeah now I'm crying i hate it. ūüėĘūüėß
  3. So I've been having a binge of highway to heaven. I was a kid back in the 80s when it was on . IT was a great there always was a good message and it was a feel-good show today I feel really tainted I'm tired of feeling painted those so-called friends that pissed me off are oblivious. It's really frustrating to have your friends not even know that they really hurt your feelings it makes you feel really stupid like "friends what is a friend.
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  5. So i was on that grinder bullshit a few minutes ago. I go on there to actually chat I'm not trying to get laid. My ho days are long gone. I really dislike having a profile. I feel like such a loser. I know it's a big joke to make fun of it but in the whole scheme of it all it's really sad. I'm all alone except my cats are here. But 'Latinbooty' just tapped me and said hello and sent a picture of his ass. Since he said hello before the picture of the ass. U would be shocked the amount of guys who start the conversation with an ass pic. 'Hole shots' are the worst. Since he said hello a
  6. Tomorrow i have another Dentist appointment. I hate the dentist so much. My ptsd has been a real struggle. Since September i have been really down. First i got dumped, then in October, my appendix ruptured and I had to have surgery and i was in the hospital for a week and i had kidney stones. The first 3 days i was only allowed to have ice chips! It sucked and the pain was unreal. Because of coronavirus no visitors were allowed. When i got out of the hospital i lost close to 20 pounds. When i got out of the hospital i was in lots of pain and i no longer had my dad bod that i had embraced
  7. Sending you love. I am so sorry for what you’re going though.
  8. Hi everyone.  Been forever.  Hope everyone is well.   Wanted to share an idea that turned out to be BRILLIANT. 


    My friend Rob and I treated ourselves to guitar lessons from Mr ROCK GOD himself.  We had 4 lessons total and took them together and it was the most amazing experience. 


    Rob had never played a guitar in his life and Monte helped him get to playing some Madonna songs. 

    Today was our last lesson of the package we got and Monte is such an angel, he went through her catalog and showed us literally EVERYTHING  

    So if anyone else is just having covid concert blues, it helped my soul so much.   You can email him at lessons@montepittman.com 

    sending love btches ūüėė



  9. Im so damn stoned. 

  10. My dog Rafael passed away unexpectedly. I've have been in a deep depression. Tjis had made my already fragile state of mind into a nose dive. It's eeally difficult. Being an empath on top of it. Id rather be having a nightmare because nightmares aren't real and wake up. I so sad and lonely. Im so damn stoned
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  12. All i ever wanted was more guests. 


  14. Be my Guest Be my guest!

  15. FUERTEVENTURA Hello from Canarias, Dear artist! Iam a producer and Director of Cybernetics & Arts AB (cybernetics-arts.com). I write to you regarding Canary Islands and the Island FUERTEVENTIURA witch means strong wind or adventure. Cybernetics & Arts is established in Fuerteventura opposite Marocco since 40 years. Cybernetics & Arts wants Fuerteventura like a base and develop the brand ART FUERTEVENTURA. We will make the BEACH CAFE in Caleta de Fuste like a servicepoint. The Island is very calm and relaxing with adventure allowed and its very magical and art
  16. Love is above all....

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  18. California is on lockdown again. I've bedn miserable and in pain, ths kidney stones are hurting, the toothache. Recovery from my appendix ruptured. And getting dumped has be brokenhearted and devastated. It's been a real struggle. It's Christmas time and Christmas make me really sad.
  19. Artist Fighting Back:

    Like so many artists doing whatever they can to support the fight against COVID ‚Äď 19, I recently took the initiative to¬†release 4¬†music video's¬†as fundraisers for both the Canadian¬†and American¬†Red Cross. The music in the vids are¬†basically¬†covers¬†performed by a group of talented locals including yours truly. ¬†Knowing that the¬†original artists, or whoever owns the rights to their¬†music, would most likely be onside with the use of their song as a fundraiser, I¬†saw¬†this as an opportunity to re-write the lyrics and have some fun with a few of my favourite tunes from way back. ¬†Check the links below for "I Want To Wash Your Hands 4K" (original song "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles,¬†"Virus Fighting Nation" (original¬†song "Crystal Blue Persuasion"¬†by Tommy James and the Shondells)¬†and "I Was So Blind" ¬†(original song "Draggin the Line" also by¬†Tommy James and the Shondells). After publication¬†I was thrilled to receive a very supportive email from both¬†Tommy James and his producer Carol Ross. ¬†How cool is that for this cattt (lol)?¬†¬†

    A Little History:

    At one time I¬†worked¬†with this very dynamic lady¬†Kim Toth ‚Äď we were both employed by the¬†Canadian Federal Public Service and since then we have¬†become good friends. ¬†For¬†most of Kim's career she¬†supported the United Way Charity Campaign in many different and creative ways. ¬†Kim¬†often hosted and always performed at an annual benefit concert doing¬†hilarious¬†lip sink performances of¬†famous¬†musicians of either sex.¬†¬†Several weeks ago Kiim¬†called me up and asked me to film her acting to¬†the best party tune¬†of all time "Holiday" by Madonna¬†for¬†a closed loop virtual concert to raise money for the United Way at work. Helping Kim out was a natural for me and¬†we had such a great time working together again. ¬†Post filming Kim and I¬†decided that we would¬†publish this very funny music video¬†as a fundraiser for both the Canadian and American Red Cross¬†on¬†Youtube¬†"TOMCATTTMUSIC". So please check out¬†"Holiday by Kimbalyn Babylove 4K ‚Äď Canadian & American Red Cross Charitable Campaign" (link below). ¬†

    Where We Are At:

    Although not likely, I am hopeful that this post finds it's way to Madonna because I want to personally thank her (thank you, thank you, thank you) for the use of her song as a fundraiser for two of the very best charitable organizations in both our respective countries!  If anyone is in a position to donate please do so, if not would you kindly take the time to share?  In the face of this global war against such a hard to control and invisible enemy, wouldn't you agree that that old adage "sharing is caring" is more meaningful now than ever?

    Collectively I believe that we can make a difference!    

    Thank You,

    Thomas Patton

    AKA: TomCattt



    *Holiday by Kimbalyn Babylove 4K ‚Äď Canadian & American Red Cross Charitable Campaign¬†


    *I Was So Blind 4K by TomCattt, Brother Daniel, Big D and Kent Dale ‚Äď Fundraiser CAN and US Red Cross


    *Virus Fighting Nation 2.7K - Fundraiser for the Canadian and American Red Cross


    *I Want To Wash Your Hands 4K - Fundraiser for the Canadian and American Red Cross



  20. I really want some grillz.

  21. I hate being sad and crying all alone.

  22. Sonic Pressure


    I'm really sad. It's the worst ever. Getting dumped, surgery, and more bullshit. My life has fallen apart. I think we are on lockdown too. I hate my nightmares they have always been scary. Now, my life is worse than a living nightmare. It's awful. Now, i wish that my nightmares were my reality. Because feeling sad and devastated is unbearable. So ive been trying to keep myself busy. Im having an episode of mania. I'm going to teach myself to play the piano too. I'm sick of crying.
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