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  3. Hi Madonna and fans,

    This is Peter, Evan Archangel of God's best friend.  Evan is from another planet ahd he is madly in love with Madonna.  He is Vulcan and half human.  He came here to rescue us from evil AI that Chinese Communist Government had developed to get between us all and God.  I asked Evan to connect us all with God and so God has taken control over of our global information system and is now in control.  Peaceful protests as espoused by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are happening all over the world against authoritarian governments since the word is spreading the CCP is no longer in control.  Please pass this on to Madonna and let her know that her love has reached the ends of the Multiverse.  She will know what that means.

    With luv,


    One of the troublemakers

    Hi Madonna.pdf

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  5. Chocolate!( ・∀・)っ■(/ ᵒ̴̵̶̷౩ᵒ̴̵̶̷ )/ ᵏᴵˢઽ ❤⃛I Love You..〆(・∀・*)(˘❥˘)(●'◡'●)ノ♥٩(♡ε♡ )۶٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)(҂⌣̀_⌣́)(C_C)(#^.^#)(*´∀`*)(//・_・//)(⊙_☉)
  6. ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥٩(♡ε♡ )۶(❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*I Love You..〆(・∀・*)(❁ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)◞(˘❥˘)Chocolate!( ・∀・)っ■( ̄ε ̄ʃƪ)(◕‿◕)♡(/ ᵒ̴̵̶̷౩ᵒ̴̵̶̷ )/ ᵏᴵˢઽ ❤⃛Ϛ⃘๑•͡ .̫•๑꒜ℒℴѵℯ❤ヽ(#`Д´)ノ┌┛〃(▼へ▼メ)(•̀へ•́╮)(งᵒ̌皿ᵒ̌)ง⁼³₌₃꒰╬•᷅д•᷄╬꒱(*`Ω´*)v(-᷅_-᷄)
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  9. FUERTEVENTURA Hello from Canarias, Dear artist! Iam a producer and Director of Cybernetics & Arts AB (cybernetics-arts.com). I write to you regarding Canary Islands and the Island FUERTEVENTIURA witch means strong wind or adventure. Cybernetics & Arts is established in Fuerteventura opposite Marocco since 40 years. Cybernetics & Arts wants Fuerteventura like a base and develop the brand. We will make the BEACH CAFE in Caleta de Fuste like a servicepoint. The Island is very calm and relaxing with adventure allowed and its very magical and artistic. The climate is perfect all the year and the position is outside Africa opposite to Marocco. My proposition is to create an artistic playgroud in a calm way in Fuerteventura and I send you a map with 3 hotels in´Caleta´de´Fuste´: Sheraton Hotel, Eurostars Hotels and Elba Castillio Hotel. Cybernetics & Arts is established in Fuerteventura since 40 years. Fuerteventura is perfect for rest and relaxing and Fuerteventura is open 24h! Very magical atmosfer!Fuerteventura is a dessert Island with very good connections to Europe and Canarias with ships or airplanes. FUERTEVENTURA History: 40 years service point for Cybernetics & Arts. SERVICE POINT BEACH CAFE Caleta de Fuste HOTELS Caleta de Fuste Sheraton Hotel Fuerteventura tel: +34 928 49 51 00 Elba Castillo San Jorge & Antigua Suite Hotel tel: +34 928 16 35 00 Eurostars Hotel tel: +34 928 06 70 00 cybernetics-arts.com
  10. LIFESTYLE Lifestyle The camp consist of one white sun-tarpaulin with strings, two tents each for 2 people, two sleepingbags down to+4 C and two sleeping mats. The camp is deliverd to you by mail on order. Price for the Camp is 200 euro + VAT + freightage. Order at Cybernetics & Arts. Order a European Health Insurance Card if you are travelling within the EU/EEA or Switzerland. Order the card in good time as it can take up to 10 working days to receive it. Children must have their own European Health Insurance Card. The card is automatically sent to the registered address of you or the child. Order the European Health Insurance Card (in Swedish) What is the European Health Insurance Card? The European Health Insurance Card entitles you to medical and dental care while you are in an EU/EEA country or Switzerland. The card is free of charge. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) only covers medical and dental care that cannot wait until you return to Sweden you receive from a care provider connected to the public healthcare system in that country. Space Industry NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. ISS International space station There are jobs and there are careers. But at NASA, our work is more than just a profession—it’s a lifelong pursuit and a passion. Want to contribute to something that matters? Consider applying for our Engineer Project Management vacancy. In this role, you will serve as the Telescience Support Center Project and Integration Manager and provide vital communication operations to the International Space Station and ground support operations. Join us and explore the extraordinary, every day! Help wanted by NASA! See link: http://youtu.be/4fXsAvv96Gw If it wasn’t that complicated, I would not hesitate calling all adventurers! We’re accepting applications March 2-31 for the next class of astronauts. At NASA our work is more than just a profession—it’s a lifelong pursuit, a passion, and a chance to change humanity. Music Art Source: material below is from youtube. CASTING: cybernetics-arts.com
  11. BUSINESS-AREAS-CURRENT PROJECTS Contact: cybernetics-arts@gmx.com tel: +46 70 899 32 07 Cybernetics & Arts is intrested in new partners, products and services we can trade. We are constantly looking for new ideas and concepts. Don´t hesitate to contact us! Content below of current projects: -HEALTH -Psychiatry -Medical care -Health -IT AND MEDIA -IT/Data -Film -EDUCATION/EVENT -ART/FORM -R&D Research, Development & Education -NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration HEALTH -Psychiatry hurmardu.se Psychiatric tests on the web! Look at hurmardu.se and test your mind anonymously for depression, anxeity, stress, alcoholuse and gambling disorder. This program brings psychiatry closer to the users mind and measures the risk of mental ill health. -Medical care Medical consultancy and advice. Send a SMS to Medical doctor Nathalie +46 709 277 603 and she will get back to you. Nordea Swish payment 1230407486, price on request. -Health Dental practice in Stockholm with Beauty & Health. Dental examination and repair. Facefill and wrinkles reduction. The clinic is situated in Stockholm since 1990. IT AND MEDIA -IT/Data Consulting on information technology. Cybernetics & Arts have experience in computer systems since 1986. Field of work is computer systems and IT. Computer system development, project, systemdesign, testing, evaluation and payment solutions. We also do Web, service, registers, databases, excel and General IT/Data. -Film Currently Cybernetics & Arts is producing interactive film and webprograms. We have experience in filmproduction since 1992. Cybernetic & Arts have done two full length films, one on youtube (2 hours) with the trailor of the film that is displayed below and one film on DVD (4 hours). Cybernetic & Arts have even produced over 60 films for computers, programs and education/events. We use Sony-HD Broadcast camera, Greenscreen, Avid or Final Cut. Distribution is youtube and DVD or filmmaterial. The intention for Cybernetics & Arts is to look for new filmprojects and customers. Request a reference and we post you one of ower films! EDUCATION/EVENT Cybernetics & Arts is intending to work with education. One intention is to sell education and sell them globaly in the world. Cybernetics & Arts can also make education and events on request from customer. Cybernetics & Arts will deliver seminars on the internet. Cybernetics & Arts have a long experience in education activities and evidenced based enviroments. ART/FORM Cybernetics & Arts is intending to work with art, sound and form. We are looking for art-projects to establish vision and implementation to final concepts/product/service/event. Cybernetics & Arts have mostly worked with art through film and events. We are prepered to take on your artvision and realase it! Madonna.com Cybernetics & Arts is established on the artist Madonna.com web. R&D Research, Development & Education Cybernetics & Arts is working with R&D Research, Development & Education (Forskning Utveckling & Utbildning) within the health care area psychiatry where we develop IT-programs in psychiatry. We will continiue in the area of R&D Research, Development & Education (Forskning Utveckling & Utbildning) in line with Cybernetics & Arts profile, level of know-how, health care development (vårdutveckling) and progression of the company. Cybernetics & Arts is ready to take on new customers in R&D Research, Development & Education projects nationally/internationally. NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. ISS International space station Contact: cybernetics-arts@gmx.com tel: +46 70 899 32 07 cybernetics-arts.com AUCTOREM-Company cybernetics-arts.com
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  13. Yesterday was Vogue's 30th anniversary!
  14.  this isn't good it isn't cute it's not funny it's kind of demented.

  15. so here I am its 1:34 a.m. Lockdown in California All of this crazy shit in the world. The panic and hysteria is not getting better. It's getting worse I was already sad and it's hard dealing with bipolar and my.ptsd. I've been having nightmares every night when i do get sleep. Gotta run, Cont.
  16. When I read about Madonnas back problems and knee problems I always think I could help her with the wonderful DORN-Method from Germany which I uses and taught to thousands of people in the past over 25 years. The DORN-method works very much different than normal therapies will use. So it has a different level of activity and results. I hope I could have at the possibility of a treatment for Madonna to look at her back and pelves where the problems are. You can read on my site www.spinehealing.info
  17. Think u need some medicine!

  18. So I'm blasting Medicine by Jennylo and the whole world is gone awry with this coronavirus bull. The panic buying and paranoia going on is out of control. I've never seen or experienced this kind of behavior. So I'm going to take some bong rips and listen to medicine again. Everyone wash all your food off.
  19. Hi! I have been a Madonna fan since a relatively short time and I am trying to see all her films and listen to all her albums. For now, I've only seen "Desperately seeking Susan" and "Who's that Girl." I liked them and I want to see more.😄
  20. I'm so glad I got to see Madame X! I hope madonna heals and rejuvenates after the tour. 

  22. hi! I am javier

    you gave me wrong email. they were rejected again to me

  23. Hello guys! Is anyone selling two tickets for 26-27 feb shows in Paris? 

    1. ugrascagri


      Hey there, 1 have only 1 ticket for 27th. Porte 4 Orchestre Q47. 

      I'll see the show on 23th (hopefully) This ticket i am trying to sell was for a friend but he had an accident so i have to re-sell it. Please contact me if you want to buy it.

  24. La dulzura del sueño. ( other version ) Cuando el canto de las luces se dispersa en la campaña siento un mágico sonido que se expande dulcemente regalando la tristeza y una tímida ilusión... Francesco Sinibaldi La dulzura del sueño. ( third version ) Cuando el canto de las luces se dispersa en la campaña siento un mágico sonido que se expande dulcemente regalando la tristeza a una tímida ilusión: y así, en un instante, vuelvo al soplo del pasado y a la hermosa juventud... Francesco Sinibaldi La dulzura del sueño. ( last version ) Cuando el canto de las luces se dispersa en la campaña siento un módico sonido que se expande dulcemente regalando la tristeza a una tímida ilusión: reconozco la colina de las mágicas carreras, siento entonces la emoción y así, en un instante, vuelvo al soplo del pasado y a la hermosa juventud... Francesco Sinibaldi
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