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www.Madonnathon.com Proudly Presents:




It's going be a nonstop MDNA Dance-Floor event, with MDNA giveaways all night long, Courtesy of Interscope Records and Madonnasworld.com.




59 WEST 21st STREET, (between 5th and 6th Ave)

NEW YORK, NY 10010




MDNA drink specials and much more!!


SPECIAL GUEST DJs DJ Jene and DJ Hunty will provide the music.


Show your Madonna love !


Wear your best Madonna gear for a chance to win even more prizes! Don't miss it!


RSVP HERE https://www.facebook.com/events/659129150794023/


Recommended Comments

This tour was exceptional! Cant wait for the next one!! I believe we only need to wait till tomorrow lol, so i hear... @madonna Carrying on!! when she stumbled! such inspiration!! madonna-falls-brits-26feb15-17.jpg

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Tears of a Clown - the tears are mine!


I have been a massive fan of Madonna since I started forming memories as a child! I was dancing to Get into the Groove before a lot of her fans were born. As soon as I heard Madonna was coming to Australia I knew I was going, no matter the cost! She's not coming to Perth so I'm travelling on my own this week to Melbourne (my first time to Melbourne) just to see her!


When I heard about the Tears of a Clown special show is on this Friday I was so excited! It's meant to be! I will be in Melbourne on that date - I've got to go! Unfortunately I haven't won a ticket, I'm heartbroken. I'm excited to see her on Sunday's concert, but what I would do to go to Friday night show too!!! Congratulations to all those who won, but if you want to sell your ticket let me know

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In the purity of a dream.

( other version )


Modest and

eminent virtue,

when the sun

goes away

and a yellowing

leaf touches the

ground with a

delicate movement

I can hear, in the

forest, the timid

attraction to the

light of your fate.


Francesco Sinibaldi

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Quelquefois dans mon coeur....

( Versione del 30/8/2018 )


Cette lumière

m'appelle, dans

le coeur de

la nuit, comme

un son plein

de charme qui

souffle dans

le rêve la chanson

de la vie: c'est

l'étoile des désirs,

la vision naturelle

qui dessine dans

le vide l'émotion

d'un instant...

Francesco Sinibaldi

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