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    Thank you for accepting my membership application. I am happy to be part of ICON..

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  1. Happy Birthday Madonna from Washington State!

  2. Antara

    Promoting Posts to Articles

    I don't think a man should need viagra pills...he's a man..
  3. Miss Robinfife..I confused the title; I meant to post Girls Gone Wild and confused it with their having fun phrase; sorry.about that.

  4. This is an excellent screen and colors..Also easy to use..So thanks to all involved in its production..

  5. I am back now; working on Madonna's fan site..

  6. Are you still writing your book concerning our Madonna Fan Club..If so when will it be for sale?

  7. You asked me where I've been all this time..I only have access to 2 boards and not Gallery. It be hard cto send statements this way,

  8. Antara

    Thank you Madonna for the opportunity !!!

    I thank Madonna for her extraordinary effort of entertaining us all these years..Madonna's efforts are not to be taken for granted as she works very hard.
  9. Antara

    Madonna the worlds greatest

    Yes, she is...We should all appreciate the years of hard work she has given to entertain us..
  10. Antara

    Rebel Heart CD

    I like all Madonna's songs and music..some a little better than others..her movie acting is terrific..
  11. Antara

    My 5 underestimated Live Song

    My favorites are all the MDNA songs, Madonna Erotica and all the Evita music..
  12. Antara

    Madonna I need your help

    Try to contact the Madonna On Line Store to see if Madonna may have this type of photo for sale..
  13. Madonna is a hard driving, hard working person; so she does succeed...
  14. Antara


    I had wished I didn't live 3,000 miles from this location....I really wanted to attend.