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  1. The Celebration DVD is now featured on the Madonna TV Channel 666, recompiled into 3 phases with each phase including additional material including her tours, interviews, documentaries and movie clips. For example Phase 3 includes The Billboard acceptance speach (in 5 minute segments), The Sweet & Sticky tour, MDNA tour and Rebel Heart Tour all as individual tracks for the 666 Randomiser or your own play lists. Pre programmed play lists include all her rock medleys in her hottest rock chick wardrobe... Subscription to this station is available exclusively to Madonna Louise Veronica Cicone only, and is free of charge subject to a snog.
  2. I concur, the same goes for script writing and Shakespeare does it best in A Midsummer Night's Dream. A play within a play becomes a deeper inception drop. In that play how many dreams do we wake up from? The love juice from the MDMA flower, the fairy Kingdom and the simple folk create layers of escapism and humour...
  3. Yes! I have the android parental guide on my phone and prefer it that way you scum bag!
  4. Spam Spam Spam, had all my teeth crowned in Bangkok, Did the 12 step programme for the LAPD as part of my probationary requirements and have a very expensive psychiatric assessment in the UK to say I am a rock star... relaunch wood stock!
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    Status Symbols: B.reak M.y W.indows, Paul Smith (Covent Garden Freebies), Free Cocaine with a music Mgmt rider 10 years later, the MTV logo with no 24/7 non stop videos, 3D glasses and very few good movies being made, American Express with the house already sold and left the country, Diesel, Ed Hardy (love slowly kills) and Quicksilver 3 for 10 dollars (Bangkok), A generation of rave mix tapes that weren't as good as the drugs, Next years Addidas from LAOS (retail 200 dollars, Thai girlfriend discount = 10 dollars) Silicone tits that feel like basketballs... ReWind...status is a question of PeRCePTION... by a badge tomorrow
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