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Confessions Tour Anniversary



So It's been 18 years since opening night of the Confessions Tour! That's crazy how fast times go by, that's almost 20 years! I remember back then I called off work the next day which I got written up for! But also I remember in those times Icon still had to be paid for and i remember renewing my membership that time. I also remember about a year after that I didn't have access to the internet and that a few days that I was a few days when my membership had expired and contacting support to make sure that my legacy membership was still standing. Little did we know that soon there would no longer be a fee for joining Icon and that having legacy membership would become the controversial topic it can be. I know there are many icon members who were long time members but had not paid the last couple years while the paying option was there. It was like yeah you may have been paying for years but you are SOL, in my personal opinion i think that's not very fair. Because I remember when I had contacted support in the past that whoever I spoke with was very understanding and flexible with dates. 

I earlier mentioned getting written up for calling in to work after the Confessions Tour that when my boss took me into a meeting, she had her boss who was attending and the first thing she said to me was 'How was the concert?" I said it was amazing! and I remember my boss having this irritated look on her face and it was like yeah, i'm getting written up but Madonna was awesome! Me being a Madonna fan was well known! 

I also attended with my former bff these days I don't even consider her an accquaintance!  It's crazy!


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