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Evening Blues



The Evening Blues,

Wraps around her,

Like her Midnight robe,

An Exquisite Woman,

Sashays to a Diner to Unwind,

The Bartender lights up like a Candle,

Shes Quirky with a Bohemian flair,

Her Hips are like Sweet Crescents,

The Sky Dreams,

Her Gaze Sparkles with Compassion,

And Empathy,

She orders a Croissant and Wine,

She has Fountain eyes,

And is Cool and Endearing,

As a Mallard,

You Wonder what Lake,

Her Beauty graces,

You feel a Sweet Kindredness,

She sighs with her Fountain eyes,

Youre kinda like Matisse,

With your Vibrancies of Wine,

It Makes the Evening Blues,

feel Sublime,

The Bartender blushes,

With the Rose of her Kindness,

She Savors her Croissant,

Making Peace with the Blues,

And has another Glass of Wine,

While a Sweet Melody,

Like Rain,

Plays Romantically,

On the Vintage Jukebox,

The Bartenders love Lights up,

like a Candlebra,

The way she Sips her Wine,

Savors her Croissant,

And Tousles her Golden Hair,

Is Like the Way Songs and Poems,

Are Composed for Women like her,

The Bartender Sighs,

Your Beauty is Fine Wine,

She feels Warm Inside,

And Gives him a Sunflower Kiss,

They have never felt Such Bliss,

She gives him,

Her Midnight Robe,

And Waltzes Into the Evening,

Her Love,


As a Lake,

With Pretty, Pretty Stars

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and Longing'

'Starbright, Beauteous Woman'

'Romantic Love Poems' 





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