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Flamenco dancer



Within the plaza fountain,

Of Reverie,

She dances like her Midnight candles,

With the desire for her Passion,

To be Sweetly lit,

Her Evening dress,

Yellow as a Sunflower,

And Sweet bliss,

Her glow Ethereal,

As a Luminous rose Moon,


The Evening wind,

Serenades her Love,

Unloosening the Golden river,

Of her hair,

And she lifts and sways her hem,

Like an Iris garden,

By the lakeshore,

Her Naked heels and Sultry brow,

Like a Balm to their Crescendo gaze,

She dances to the Ole, Ole, Ole,

Of the Midnight drifters,

Who have drifted,

To the Sanctuary,

Of the tender bonfire of her Beauty,


And Exquisitely her dance,

Is their Champagne,


Her Unique rhythms dances,

The way her Love,


Paints the Stars in the Sky,

The Midnight drifters blues,

Lovingly caressed by the Moon,

Of her Golden radiance,

Her Rhythms and dance,

Feeds off their Love and admiration,

Her Beauty,

Kissed like Waves to the Shore,

And when her Exquisite rhythms,

has danced,

Her Sensuous dance, 

She lounges,

With the Evening waterfalls,

With a Honey passion,

For Rejuvenation,

The Midnight drifters,


With her Infinite love,

And the Flowers,

Of her,

Flamenco hem

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'

'Starbright, Beauteous woman'

'Romantic Love Poems'












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