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Mid Day Notes



Thought I would drop a line now.   We are preparing for our heatwave in next couple of days to come.  The highs will hover in the 90's to almost 100 by Monday and Tuesday.  This is extreme for us since the norm is mid and upper 70's .  I need to water my patio garden more later this evening.  the cherrie tomaties have nice sweet taste and picked my first aneheim pepper yesterday.  Not bad for a first time garden on a patio.  I also planted sugar baby watermelons and right now they are the size of a jelly bean.  I hope they make it.  Harvest will likely be in September.  they shpuld get to be about 10" round when ready.  I almost lost my palm tree last winter due to the unusually hard winter we had of 1ft plus of snow  and freezing temps here in the city (Seattle).  The new fronds do not seem as burnt as the last two that sprouted.  One plant I miss not blooming this year was my Jasimine.  She purked up really well here lately and I have hopes for next season.  The fragrence is so nice.  I have a hummingbird feeder too and it is really cool to watch the hummer come and go and sit on his pirch to drink the nector I supply througout the year.  Now that's sticky and sweet!


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