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Time goes by



I have been away for a bit.  Work, life, hikeing and camping in the hills.  I actually camped in the HOH rain forest last weekend.  It was really beatiful and no it did not rain in the rain forest.  It was so nice to be away from the noise of the city.  The sky was so clear and the next day at Lake Quinault was sparkling.  Took a side trip later on the way back to seattle to Ruby Beach on the Washington Coast.  I did not attempt to put my toes in the icy water, but the sound of the ocean is just amazing if you have not heard it in a while.  The drive was worth the effort.  Nature is calming when you take the time to absorb its energy.

Thanks for the new friends and fans for reading.  oh pictures of this trip not available because we were to caught in in making sure the battery was charged for the camera and left the SD card in the computer.

Any Torchwood fans out there?  I love that stuff.  10% of the children, I guess I will find out more tomorrow night.


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