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Hello everyone



I have been off the site for a while.  Wow, for Heather.  Iloved when she was singing in the car on the day.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer.  I amdoing my best to.  Finnished another year of college and taking the summer off from school.  Finally will graduate with a BS degree next June in my old age.  I almost do not know what to to do with my time.  i have been going to the gym more, which can be addicting for me when I get into a rythem.  Got off the eliptical today and decided to run outside.  I may pay for this in the morning because I have not ran outside on the hard street for over a year.  My right ankle hurts, because it is already a little weak from overuse.

I have no real plans for this summer, wish I could have seen Madonna in Europe this summer, but $$ is too short for that trip.  So, I opted for Hawii in September for my 40th birthday.  I actually wish I could walk away from my job because I am bored out of my mind with it, but whats another year I figure.  I have not decided if I am wasting my time or not, but I have good connections probably for my next job.  God, this is probably really boring to you guys..so

If anyone is interested I have posted a couple of pics and a little video of our ICON in my profile.  Thanks for reading and have a good night !


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