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RollingStone Cover



I am really pleased the justice this magazine has given Madonna.  I loved the cover and the article as well.  If anyone has the chance, please pick up this issue as there are some other articles that are interesting.  I never knew about the garbage in the Pacific Ocean.  I knew it was there, just not in this capacity.  Being in the Navy many years back there was some questionable practices done that I did not like, pertaining to trash.  I never participated in that job.  I feel so bad for all those animals this effects.  Now eventually it will effect humans as it climbs back up the food chain.

I also noticed another thing about the magazine is that it has been considerable downsized, since I last bought an issue with Madonna on the cover.  I at first could not find it in the stand and preceeded to look for titles and where this type of magazine would be located.  i guess it is true that magazines like newspapers are not big selllers anymore due to our change in technology and the way we receive information.

Anyway the article was written I felt without a strong political bent, which is a good thing as those types of insertions create unneeded emotional garbage in our psyche.  RollingStone also had a great link for madonna snipets and I did watch when Madonna was on SNL and did the skit on "Coffee Talk", it was like butter!


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