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In close musical quarters !



Madonna is just now having this issue, ok well a time back I remember the neighbors called on me a few times, as the manager request I should turn it down.  time went on for a bit and it was probably a weekend or something or possible study, becuse sometimes Ilistened to loud dance music from the net.  It would actually help me study/memorize some things and i could make an association with exams instead of waiting 20 minutes in and having a revelation of an answer.  The music really helped, maybe it is strange as most students would rather sit in silence I think.

Eventually I had the police show up and I thought it was a casual visit.  You know the scene... "Was it really that loud officer?"  So, I was met between fantasy and surprise of my surprised officer visit.  Usually I would be with the study deal and then go dance for a few hours and everything was ok.  I have not done it since and have put earphones on that have a long enough cord to get up and dance.  Now that's funny.  I thought I would just share that, have a good weekend all.


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