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I need to put this out there for you guys.  I had a couple dreams I remember in the last couple of weeks still.  They were in color.  One was with Madonna and the other ...ready for this Hillary Clinton.  These dreams were only several days apart.

My Hillary Clinton dream was first.  I dreamed that I went somewhere to meet her in some official mode.  The reason is because in the dream she had had three other men that were dressed in dark suits/white shirts following her like a security detail.  In the dream She approaches me in this room by a window with curtains and the sunlight was shineing through.  I stood there and we meet with the hand shake greeting.  Always in my dreams I can never hear people what they are saying.  My dreams have virtually no sound, but sometimes not as I will tell with the Madonna dream.  Som Hillary and I proceeded to meet and sit down at this brown wooden polished table and the dream faded at that point.  I am not sure of the meaning of the dream.  Only that it was an official type of function.  Maybe I had this dream because I wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.  I still think about her statement about, " A thousand cracks in the ceiling." in her last major speech when leaving the presidential race.

My Madonna dream involved first me sitting on a bus with my partner next to me, not sure thought becuase that person was blurred in the dreamm but I felt similar energy.  As I sat in the bus and looked out the window I saw Madonna approaching the bus landing area.  There were suddenly a bunch of people around her and asking questions and crowding her.  In this dream I heard myself say does she ever get tired of people crowding her and being up in her face?  Before I knew it Madonna was on this bus and sat next to me in the isle over from me.  Suddenly I had an egg carton in it with some eggs.  Madonna leaned over and looked at my eggs and I said," some of the eggs are broken, but you can have  the ones that are not."  She said, " No I'm ok." and we proceeded to have this longer conversation about some other things and she did mention something about being constantly crowded by the public and magically my hearing stared to fade away and so did the dream.  I also noticed that it was a bit grey outside and we were wearing warmer clothes, but not for freezing cold.  I know we talked about other things but I just can't remember anymore.

Maybe there is some relationship about these dreams that I do not understand yet or some quality in these individuals and myself that I am trying to recognize and this was the best way my mind could relate these problems to me.


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