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Difficult Times I tell Ya.



Ok, I'm glad I have some time off before Monday rolls around again.  On Friday I took a certification exam for the the type of work  I may be doing in my near future.  Well, low and behold four hours later I miserably failed the thing.  I was so bogged with information in my head it made me really tired and I still had residual headache from two days prior.  I thought I was so prepared.  I have been reviewing since mid August.  I graduated in June.  I am a little disappointed, but I don't want to go cry in a corner.  I had a lot of mixed feelings for a couple hours afterwards.  I am ok. I can take it again in 45 days and pay the several hundred in fees to re-test, ugh!!   I actually really dread it.  It now feels like torture to put all that time in again and not know the outcome.  I am desperately seeking other employment as my current job is exactly that, a job.  It is almost 4am  and why am I still up.  I think it might because I can get this out in some form and that this particular blog is low traffic.  I figure not a lot of people will read this.  Thanks if you have.  I really don't know what to do with myself in this moment in time, I feel so stupid.  I did get to see my 41st b-day last month on the 6th and I graduated college.  I feel like I still have not done enough to find that happy place.  I guess I will keeping my eye out for that one.  LIFE IS FUNNY, BUT THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH TIME TO LAUGH.  I said that.


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