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  2. Great update !! Yay thank you :-) 

  3. Hello Johann, love the new layout ! Thanks for the work. I've sent you a private message... Talk soon ! x:D

  4. hello pls read my mail

  5. This is an excellent screen and colors..Also easy to use..So thanks to all involved in its production..

  6. Hello...long time, no see.  just saying hi and I hope all is well :)

  7. Hi Johann - lots of us can't get on the rebel heart board and bought passes. Please help!

  8. Thanks for always keeping it under control!

  9. #livingforlove(ly Johann) ! x

  10. Thanks for all you do! Nice to see your post on the ICONtest thread. Looking forward to another great era!!

  11. Johann


    Please PM or e-mail me at icon@moov-u-mail.com Thank you! Johann
  12. Great design work on the 2015 calendar!bi especially love seeing the integration of M's Instagram selfies!

  13. Are you still here Johann? ??????

  14. Hello from Argentina!!!

  15. I won 4th place in the sleeve face contest 17 months ago and I never received my prizes! Please reply to my e-mails!