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    It was crushing my head and they were using sonic pressure.
    I'm really awesome and I luv MDNA!

    Update. October, 2016 I will be blogging here like I use to

    Find me on youtube. Sonic Pressure is the key word!

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  1. SonicPressure


    So they finally got a team who is handling madonna.com better.
  2. I feel like dancing like Lindsay Lohan!

  3. I'm sad, I hate being sad. I've always hated it. It's a drag.

  4. Why the F doesn't my display name change when I edit!

  5. The truth is out there!

  6. ***CENSORED*** I'm madonna

  7. Make America gape again!

  8. bittles escape stones escape

  9. SonicPressure

    The Elusive Chanteuse

    So Mimi is making lots of headlines!!!