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New Year Unhappy Me



I have alot on my mind tonight. It's so annoying. First I just need to mention Christmas Eve, It was a couple days before Christmas and my sister tells me that her daughter was speaking to ex friends daughter, and she was talking about christmas eve with my family and how she already had her outfit picked out. So I tried my best to stay calm but i was having some major anxiety. I hadn't seen or spoke to my 'soul sister' and the last message I got from her was very passive aggressive text after I invited her daughter to see Madonna. I called it the day before that her husband my former friend and ' 'producer' wouldn't have the balls to show up. He really is an arrogant prick. So when I saw my 'friend' I said hi and then I burst into tears like a ***CENSORED***. She hugged me and said that she loved me, she also said she was going to text me for sure. (for the record, she hasn't) This whole situation never even needed to happen.  Later that evening, i got a text from my 'former producer' and I have no interest in anything he has to say. He has shown his true colors and I have lost all respect for him, I see him as a spineless ***CENSORED*** who only cares about himself. He has proved that by his actions which contradicted everything he said. Before we had talked about not letting grown up people drama get before the kids. It's like really dude you talked all this shit about being mature and acting like he was a good person. Ever since I found out that he gave himself the writer credit on not one of my songs, not two or three but at that time I had over 20 songs. Also don't forget that I helped build his ***CENSORED*** studio. Anyways, both of them had a pretty good friend in me and they will feel like really morons eventually, they both probably already do but they are too selfish to own it.

In other news, I went live on onlyfans the other day I went live, I've went live a bunch of times, one of them was deleted because I was talking about jolly rancher candy. Lmao, I'm pretty sure there is no other onlyfan page like mine. Who else goes live and spends alot of time searching for a lighter! lmao Also nobody has ever watched the lives anyways, so when there was somebody watching I didn't know how to handle it really. I've exchanged messages with that person lots of times, but the live had me feeling very shy and I felt really awkward, also my vision is so bad that reading the chat I'm like I can't read it, it's blurry lol First off, let me say again onlyfans doesn't help if the content you create is music. They have no music player on the site, It doesn't even list the songs name it is a generic box and it has the time length. My page is free first and foremost and like I said in the beginning, I created my onlyfans page because I wanted to like Right Cheek from Little Women Atlanta, not because I wanted to make smut videos. Also besides being dull and boring the rules on onlyfans is very strict, certain words aren't allowed. 



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