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  1. Olá! Tudo bom?!

    Vc vai em qual show aqui no Brasil?

    Vou no RIO. Tô doido no Golden Triangle. Tem alguma ideia de como podems conseguir? Hehehe. :-)



  2. Hi out there !! Going VIP Package to SP shows !

  3. "There's a glow of a distant light !! " THANK YOU JOHANN !!

  4. Just passing by to make new friends around the globe. You just catch my attention....;) Hugs !

  5. (continuing - part 3 ) create a hidden and closed group on facebook with this fans and discuss what we should do. Are you in? If so, send me the link to your facebook page and we will start this proccess. Hope you agree... XO !! Rafael

  6. (continuing) and make a list of those fans, and then create an email for this cause and fight for our status with Johann and Live Nation. What do you think? I just think that together we can do a higher pressure. I, for instance, have ways to proove that I was an Iconner in the past, for my name appears at least on 5 Icon magazines, and I could show them. So, for staters, we should create a hidden

  7. Hi out there !! I think I remember you from past years in ICON. Just like you, I am also a very long time fan that did not get to upgrade to Legacy. They just didn't give me the upgrade because last time I renewed was before the cutline, before Icon changed. But I have paid ICON since 1998. So, I'm just thinking about gathering all long-time fans that are in the same conditions ...

  8. Hi there !! Just checking out if you are the same "Kenny" that chatted with me long time ago, when S&S Tour was out, we manage to go to Paris show but never got to meet each other. Is this you?