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    Phone Ban!

    So with all social media going crazy over the phone issue. I'm glad that the phones are being banned because all of these bozos with their phones out recording during concerts are annoying. 50 something days till i get to see The Madame X show!
  2. So I'm blasting I'll Remember, I'm feeling the excitement and anticipation! It's like gonna be the bomb! I'm so excited to see her perform at the Wiltern, it's a beautiful theater. Right now, all these bozos on social media. PAUSE, I'm having a meltdown. will post later on this .
  3. Did that affect your mind in some way?

  4. I wish Icon would allow us to change our display names permanently. Butch1977 is so 2009

  5. Tonight at around 3:00 am the Perseids Meteor shower is happening. I'm as high as a kite! I'm blasting Selena!
  6. I'm blasting Dirty Diana and I'm having fun right now. The last month has been a real test. It's almost like the most time I've ever cried my eyes out in my entire life! Right now I'm thinking Marguerite Perrin! Dirty Diana ended and Vogue is blasting! It's the single that I had the cassette single also! Madonna Madonna Madonna
  7. I need a bong rip!

    1. butch1977


      I'm taking a  huge bong rip!

  8. I'm blasting Madame X right now. Its the second time I've played the disc. In the album artwork there is no credits.
  9. I feel like Wench!

  10. A few more hours until Madame X!

  11. It's only a few days till Madame X comes out!!!

  12. butch1977


    I'm really excited, I got confirmation for the Madame X Tour at the Wiltern for November 14. I've been a Madonna fan all my life. I've been reading members posts on the forum and some of the posts are kind of sad. For instance, fans who were members back in the day when u had to pay for membership but when things changed on the website and became free. People now have different statuses. I'm glad im a legacy member, but for long time fans who aren't given legacy status due to dates when they joined the website. That sux. I've seen M for The Reinvention Tour, Coachella, Confessions, Sticky and Sweet, Mdna (awful behind the stage seats) and the Rebel Heart tour. So I know the excitement and anxiety of getting tickets. Madame X tickets are different than any other show. So it's been a new kind of anxiety to get tickets. Good luck and energy to all my fellow Madonna fans.
  13. I can't wait to meet Madame X!

  14. I've been trying to get the requests, however the website doesn't work. Once i submit my phone number the website doesn't work! Wtf!
  15. butch1977


    So they finally got a team who is handling madonna.com better.
  16. So Mimi is making lots of headlines!!!
  17. butch1977


    So 2night imma play smoker with my brah. bugs bunny
  18. butch1977


    To all those innocent souls. May you all be dancing in peace.
  19. butch1977

    Facebook sux

    Facebook sux ass. I'm so over drama and all the bullshit. I can't express myself without getting feedback. ***CENSORED***
  20. butch1977


    So it's Friday March 13 2015. Madonna's new album came out Tuesday and it still hasn't been shipped yet. I'm dumbfounded. I read on instagram that some countries have ran out. I don't understand how or why? So far interscope has done nothing that's positive. The Last Madonna Disc They Put Out Was A Botched bluray/dvd. There was never an official statement about it being botched. All I heard was people had the audio setting wrong. Well that really doesn't explain why 2 separate dvds froze up at the same spot I might add. So wtf? While I'm ranting. I'll also throw out the fact that when madonna was with warner. The tour dvd came with a live disc. On interscope they sold them separately. Really. I wonder if the cd was botched too. #interscopesux
  21. Bills and other expenses do not permit me 2 spend the big bucks. I luv Madonna I'm not one of those people that need to have floor seats to be happy. I'm sure one day I will be right up in front but that day will just have to wait. I paid almost $200 for seats at the staples center for Mdna and those seats were practically behind the stage. So anything that is not behind the stage works for me. I may need an intervention but that would be for other reasons.
  22. butch1977

    I Got Mine

    Woohoo! i just got my Madonna tickets! I'll see you in L.A. Madonna. Woohoo!
  23. i've never been to new york. but i've seen madonna twice at the forum opening night of confessions and the reinvention tour. I've seen the prices are now different but i already had a plan. i told my friend i was gonna start to hook. lmao, i'm sure you understand! ;)i hear the forum has been remodeled.
  24. update, tix at the forum are starting at 45.
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