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Kim Kardashian Hollywood App Ending



So on April 9 the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game app will be no more. I'm not very happy about that, I'm not the only one who is displeased because someone started an actual petition to keep the game going. I'm not ashamed to say that I signed it and even left made a video comment. There is a thread on reddit with players of the game. There are some diehard fans who have been playing the game for 10 years, I've played the game for on and off for the last 5 years and it's only been the last year that I really got into it. I've made it to the Alist I have a husband and we adopted a child. I named her Britney after Britney Spears of course and I have a bunch of pets and they look really cute. So that the game will no longer be available it's like my family and pets will be getting abandanoned and that's sad. Sure it's a cheesy game and kim kardashian is a whore and all but the game really has grown on me.


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