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I'm glad Valentines Day is over. I kept myself as far as I could from anything that would have made me start to think about things that wouldn't be healthy for me. I think I did an alright job. Now I'm just thinking of how fast the days are gonna go by until SClub on February 27 and then days later is March 4 and Madonna! I've managed to not watch any tour footage online and I still don't know what the exact setlist is. I've seen the new merch added but from what other fans have said I haven't heard or seen any information about a program for the tour. In other news I just have to mention the new Jennylo album and movie that premiered today on amazon, 'this is me... now' It was pretty corny some parts were really over the top. For there to be this whole zodiac theme it was done in a really cheesy way that made me feel stupid in more than one scene. But I will say Beautiful gowns!


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