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A Week Ago



I've been meaning to write a blog about The Celebration Tour, there has just been alot going on and I haven't had the time. Before I get into it I want to mention that today I had a doctor's appointment to discuss my recent labwork and the Dr. told me I had Diabetes so that really sux. 

Last Monday I saw Madonna at the Forum in Inglewood, my brother went with me and we had an awesome time! Our seats were great and the two chicks sitting next to us were pretty cool. One of them asked me, what time did I think Madonna would hit the stage, and I said 11, So when Madonna hit the stage at 9:30 I was shocked! My brother had a good time and enjoyed himself and I loved it. I was just so happy that I was able to see my favorite artist of all time perform live again. When Madonna went to the hospital on my birthday last summer that was very scary. I've seen Madonna at the Forum for the Reinvention Tour, Confessions, Rebel Heart but this was the first time the Forum had her name in lights and her photos around the building. It was pretty cool. The one thing that I didn't understand was the merch bags, somebody dropped the ball and the cheap plastic bags ended up something I joked about all night. It didn't make any sense that the tour celebrating her 45 year career for the biggest selling female artist of all time, the Queen of Pop who's merch bags have always been top notch that said the name of the tour. Someone on her team needs to get demoted because that was not up to par! 

I spent the night at my brother's house and the next day he took me past our old house in Carson, I haven't seen that house since we left in 1990 it was so strange. The next part of this blog is sad, last year my brother's good friend, over over 30 years had a stroke and he has been put into hospice. He's always been cool with me and I know my brother has been visiting him and he's been taking it really hard. It was one of the saddest things i've ever experienced. Seeing my brother with his good friend who isn't even able to speak was so hard. It was heartbreaking. I am going to write more about the show. But just thinking about this has really got me feeling sad and I'm gonna finish this later.


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