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    www.Madonnathon.com Proudly Presents:   MDNATHON 2013   It's going be a nonstop MDNA Dance-Floor event, with MDNA giveaways all night long, Courtesy of Interscope Records and Madonnasworld.com.   at STUDIO TWENTY ONE 59 WEST 21st STREET, (between 5th and 6th Ave) NEW YORK, NY 10010   NO COVER!   MDNA drink specials and much more!!   SPECIAL GUEST DJs DJ Jene and DJ Hunty will provide the music.   Show your Madonna love !   Wear your best Madonna gear for a chance to


EDUCATION/EVENT Cybernetics & Arts is intending to work with education. One intention is to sell education and sell them globaly in the world. Cybernetics & Arts can also make education and events on request from customer. Cybernetics & Arts will deliver seminars on the internet. Cybernetics & Arts have a long experience in education activities and evidenced based enviroments. Webinars on BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY by Prof. Vsevolod Rozanov, MD, PhD  Membe

C&Arts Business Areas - Current Project Sales

Business Areas-Current Project Sales Contact: cybernetics-arts@gmx.com     tel: +46 70 899 32 07 Cybernetics & Arts is interested in new partners, products and services we can trade. We are constantly looking for new ideas and concepts. Don´t hesitate to contact us! Content below of current projects: IT AND MEDIA  -IT/Data  -Film   EDUCATION/EVENT   ART/FORM -IT/Data Consulting on information technology. Cybernetics & A


FUERTEVENTURA Hello from Canarias, Dear artist! Iam a producer and Director of Cybernetics & Arts AB (cybernetics-arts.com). I write to you regarding Canary Islands and the Island FUERTEVENTIURA witch means strong wind or adventure. Cybernetics & Arts is established in Fuerteventura opposite Marocco since 40 years. Cybernetics & Arts wants Fuerteventura like a base and develop the brand ART FUERTEVENTURA. We will make the BEACH CAFE in Caleta de Fuste like a servicepo

Dr. Stella!

https://www.instagram.com/p/CDSY970lOWi/?igshid=yd9htnykq577   Well i haven't been on lately. Ive been having some manic emotional episodes.  No bueno, I'm not going to repeat my feelings. I'll post my Ig post where I express myself.  

Madonna Store sucks

I ordered Madame X Vinyl about 3 months ago, after a month I received only side A and side B, there was no side C & D. I paid almost $100 for that and sent too many emails to Madonna Store and Madonna Merchandise but no answer from them, they don't care about it and ignored all my messages, I am so disappointed, never ever order anything from Madonna Store . very unprofessional. PLEASE DON'T ORDER FROM Madonna Store! 

Martin Barslev

Happy  Birthday I wish you Madonna. You have a beautifull life. Live good and healthy in the comming years. Say hello to family and friends. Meet your fan and they will make you happy. You are the best singer in the world. You made my live happy.  




So I've been really feeling sad, Sadder than the usual, I miss my husband.  I always have had nightmares and i just recently discovered that my bad dreams are night terrors. I hate it, I have this recurring nightmare that I'm on a sinking ship. Ever since I got back from Oregon I've really been sad.

Blue Alien

So I'm smoking this dank called blue alien it's really good I'm stoned I feel like Maria I be in a deep depression it's really awful. I don't like all of this judgment and death I just think it's tainted I want none of  thismb, 

Goodbye Felecia

Well I'm able to post on Facebook but I'm being threatened with suspension for 30 days if I violste the terms. Facebook is bullshit. It's depressing and too much drama at least. Here on Icon it's a ghost town.

Home Again

Well I'm back home in California, it was so nice to see my husband. Oregon is a really beautiful state it's so green. I knew it was going to be emotional and I was right. When the plane took off I was in tears. Wearing a mask and crying while saying goodbye to loved ones is a drag!


So tomorrow I'm taking a plane to Oregon and im going to see my husband. I'm so excited. I'm trying to remain as calm as I can, with this pandemic bullshit happening. So tomorrow i will be going in an Airport and on a plane and I have to wear a mask. Isn't that bizarre. The fear isn't terrorists anymore!
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