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Pretty lady




Lovely pretty lady,

I want you to know,

How much I love you so,



Youre so exquisite,

and lovely it hurts,

The way you sip your wine,

is like you so fine,

Your Beautys accent,

Kisses the Sublime,


And lady,

Though the stars seem quite far,

They with bouquets,

Kiss your brow,

And Pretty lady,

I want to thank you,

For your Beautys sweet rhythms,

Your love sighs,

Like the waves upon the shores,


Pretty lovely lady,

Let Love relieve all the pain,

Your Beautys Sun and moon,

Soothe and warm the rain,


Lovely pretty lady,

I want you to know,

How much I've always loved you so,


And lady,

The stars cruise to your gaze,

Through your garden nights and days,

With my love,

The Sultry gypsy within you,

Glows  tender within the Moon,


Pretty lovely lady,

You shall feel,

How much I've always loved you so,

Lovely pretty lady,

You make all the stars,

With the moon glow,


Dont ever let your love go,


Ah, I Love you forever and ever,

I love you ever and forever

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'


'Romantic Love Poems'








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