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Sonata moonlit waterfalls



Within my painterly gaze,

You are like sonata moonlit waterfalls,

Your curves and their honey,

Are the way I adore them,

You are sublime, exquisitely sublime,

Exotic woman with salsa ballerina hips,

And with your Beauty,

The hymns of our infinite love,

Gregarious as lake irises,

Dances in a sensuous stillness,


Your hands are like dove wings,

That warmly and serenely,

Kisses your sweet navel,

Where vineyard roses have dreamed,

Your hem translucent,

Like Midnight moonlight,

Cascades with our love,

All the way down,

To your heels,

and fine tan stilletos,


The ethereal candles,

Of my loves hymns,

Combs your tousled honey hair,

And damp pretty soul,

Your fine wine,

Is shimmering upon your hips,

Gypsy of my Midnight hymns,

Our Salsa dreams dance,

With your Beauty,

Ethereal and sublime,


You are sublime,

Exquisitely sublime and ethereal,

My love hymns,

With the sunset,

And Midnight mango waves,

And the waves shimmer,

With your Loves honey accents,

Gypsy of sultry,

and exquisite fountain eyes,

Your Beauty,

In its still and waltzing rhythms,

Hymns with a unique jazz of honey,


You are sweetly,

And warmly caressed,

Within the forever robes,

Of our love,

And the ethereal candles,

Of our loves hymns,

Are luminous as the Moon,

Your love is reborn,

Within your honey coves,

And within your coves of honey,

Midnight candles,

Are sighing,

With our love

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'

'Cool jazz of the haiku'

'Romantic Love Poems'


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