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    www.Madonnathon.com Proudly Presents:   MDNATHON 2013   It's going be a nonstop MDNA Dance-Floor event, with MDNA giveaways all night long, Courtesy of Interscope Records and Madonnasworld.com.   at STUDIO TWENTY ONE 59 WEST 21st STREET, (between 5th and 6th Ave) NEW YORK, NY 10010   NO COVER!   MDNA drink specials and much more!!   SPECIAL GUEST DJs DJ Jene and DJ Hunty will provide the music.   Show your Madonna love !   Wear your best Madonna gear for a chance to

Dancing in Serenades

Dancing in serenades   She's a masterpiece, Dancing, In Moonlit serenades,   Her Beauty is sweet shores, Its kiss is sweet shores, It's dress is sweet shores   She's a masterpiece, Dancing, In serenades,   Her eyes, Violins and roses    Her Beauty is sweet shores, Its kiss is sweet shores, Its dress is sweet shores,   Her hips, Crescents and irises,   She's a masterpiece,

Evening song

Evening song   In the evening, She hums a pretty tune, Like a Nightingale, In her velvet gown,   In the evening, She hums a lovely tune, Like a Nightingale, In her stilletos,   In the evening, She hums like a Nightingale, In her velvet gown and stilletos,   In the evening, She is a pretty Nightingale, in love,   In the evening, She is a pretty Nightingale, in love, In the evening,

Evening hymn

Evening hymn   This is an evening hymn, Besides the willow tree, She danced, And as she's sighing for you, Her love is glowing, With sweet desire   And upon the Moons canvas, I dreamed, That it was hymning for her, And with its gaze of stars, Her love is glowing, With sweet desire   This is an evening hymn, Underneath the moon, She danced, And as she's sighing for you, Her love is glowing, Wi

Salsa dancers and seagulls

Salsa dancers and seagulls   If we were Salsa dancers, We would dance, Through the midnights in a daze, In our own carefree way, We would wear exotic gowns, Upon our svelte bodies, That Shimmered like tambourines, In the Dazed, And carefree crowds eyes, They would sigh, And kiss our hems, With bouquets of sweet irises, Love like jazz would abound, As our warm rhythms unwound, But we're not Salsa dancers, We're j

Salsa beauties

Salsa beauties   Sometimes the evenings are sad, Sometimes the evenings are glad, Sometimes the evenings are lemons, Sometimes the evenings are starry bright   Dance on, Dance on, your Salsa beauty, Dance on your Salsa beauties,   The kiss of your Beauty, Is exotic, The kiss of your Beauty, Is honey, The kiss of your Beauty, Is the comfort of rain   If I could make the lake gardens, Sing with swee

Stillnesses of their Salsa beauties

Stillnesses of Salsa beauties   Salsa in stillness, Exotic flower, Caressed within exotic flower, Their rare beauties, Accentuates, Each others dreamy Silhouettes, Like Solemn and vibrant hues, Upon a Spring evenings canvas, from casual to shimmering gowns, Exotic flower, Caressed within exotic flower, Sweet stillnesses, Of their Salsa beauties, Within the strewn, Resilient, Petals of their love Reynaldo Ca

Sleep to cherish

Sleep to cherish   In the middle of noon, I'll sleep to cherish, The dream of you, And awaken to Love,   I'll sleep to cherish, Sleep to cherish, And awaken to your love,   In the Midnights warm hymn, I'll sleep to cherish, The dream of you, And awaken to your Love, Lovely lady,   I'll sleep to cherish, Sleep to cherish, Sleep to cherish, And awaken to your Love, Lovely lady,   Your

Celebration Tour

So I was curious so I looked at ticketmaster. There is an la show on October 1, that isn't sold out. So I took a look. They are selling seats with a side view and practically behind the stage for over 160! That's ridiculous. Then there seats without an obstructed view but they are in the very back, and those are going for over $200 That's some crazy shit. I got tickets for Mdna at stubhub and the tickets were for seats that I don't even think should be sold, we were practically behind the stage.


I'm listening to Rebel Heart and Iconic is playing right now. So Apple music recently approved me to edit Sonic Pressure, I also am in the process of getting the official artist page on youtube for Sonic Pressure. Amazon music has the Amazon for Artists where I can see who's listened to my music. Japan and Brazil are listening to me most, Mexico also. I was looking at it and i've noticed that the most listened to songs are the sad ones.  I don't know even know what is really going on with m

Upgrade my membership

I would love to upgrade my membership to either legacy,  or even gold level.  I would be so excited.  And great full.  But I'm only Classic.  I originally joined in 2007 with my paid membership and my membership card, lithograph and madonna loves iconers shirt that I still have. When the Live Pass program came I had a different email associated with this account and I had no computer. I didn't even know. Otherwise I would have done it in a heartbeat.  Same with the onetime payment to be a perman

New registrations

It would be nice if icon would open up registrations, even for a few days and let everyone know.  And those that want to upgrade their icon accounts will.  Even to gold level. Because it’s been such a long time since they stopped taking new  paid members. And I talk to so many huge Madonna fans, I’m sure they would love it. And those that don’t care won’t upgrade. I personally don’t care about the presale, but just to be a paid member would be nice. And to access some more of the community  woul


So I titled this blog Wack, that's because right now there is just so much things that are wack. But first let me just say that I have some pretty good grass. I called Discount Dank and the owner, I love her, her name is Angie, whenever I call she always says 'Hi Eugene' my middle name is Eugene, and she calls the weed, 'flavors' I love when she had this flavor called 'Will Smith Slap' She has a Spanish accent. But when I called it wasn't her who answered the phone it was Mark her helper, and he


butch1977 in weed

Forever Wack

So I have lots of my mind tonight, i usually have too much on my mind and night but I'm going to try and not rant to much. So it's May 1, today I have two musical albums that dropped. They are called Autopella The Demos pt 1 and pt 2. They are all the demos from my music. Some are acapella, some are autotune and some are autotune and acapella. So that explains the title. Some of these I like the demos more than the final versions. All of these I didn't have any help with any of it. They were all

Jackson Wang

On Wednesday my sister and I went to see Jackson Wang at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, it was the first time I'd ever been to the Shrine Auditorium. My sister is a big fan and I really don't know much of his music that well. It was pretty cool. I had enjoyed myself. One thing that was strange was all the things that were not allowed in the building. The first time I had ever seen chapstick listed and it wasn't allowed. I brought it in anyways cuz I need my damn chapstick. When I was a li


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Newspaper says Madonna will perform in Brazil in 2024

According to the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, the Queen of Pop will step on Brazilian soil next year.   Madonna, the Queen of Pop, may present her new tour The Celebration Tour in Brazil in 2024. The information is from the Chilean newspaper La Tercera. The blonde girl would be finalizing negotiations for presentations on Brazilian soil. Other Latin American countries like Argentina and Chile are also on the radar.




Well happy belated 420 to all my fellow smokers out there. I hope everyone smoked their brains out. This might sound unbelievable but I haven't smoked, i did last night and i didn't get to bed till really late, so i smoked when it was still night and none of the actual day time of 420 did I smoke. I didn't even get any text messages from anyone saying happy 420, well I rarely get messages, getting text messages from Del Taco really doesn't count. It's kind of sad because there was a time when I


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Well it has been a pain in the ass but, I've gotten almost all of my songs synced with the lyrics. There are a couple that still need to be done. I've also started to upload my music myself without having my producer having to do it. I've learned that when you are dealing with music that wave files are the best audio. I thought it was an mp3 file but I was wrong. However, something that i don't understand is there is a music site that is on the spotify for artist page that tells you what you nee


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Iris gallop

Upon her saddle, Majestic as a Lily and hymn, Sweet gallop of her love and Beauty,   Ray of Sun, Beam of moon, Damp gallop of her Beauty,   Deeper than irises, Her bouquets of sighs, Undresses star by Star, Like Summer caresses Spring   Beams of moon, Rays of sun, Warm gallop of her love,   Deeper than irises, The gallop of her love, The gallop of our love, Caresses star by star Reynaldo Casi


coolpoetic77 in Poetry


You Abide in, Rhythm, You arch, More of Pleasure, You Stretch out, More of Spirit,   You Thirst and Pine More, For Song   'Songs of Pleasures and longing' Reynaldo Casison


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