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Pretty darling of honey rain




When your Beauty,

exquisitely dances,

In golden stillness,

And sweet rhythms,

My love for you hymns,

And you are as the Rain,

For my loves flowers,


You sing with the unique honey,

Of the Rain,

And the stars become like champagne,

With the compassionate sparkle,

Of your exotic eyes,


Pretty darling of honey rain,

And moons,

When you kiss upon the cheek,

From the vineyard of your love,

They become like the roses,

That our sweet love seeks,

From the sensuous garden,

Of your lips,

And the honey coves,

of your pretty soul,

When you sweetly kiss upon the cheek,


Pretty darling,

When you caress Moonkissed things,

I feel you are the honey of the rain,

And the luminous glow,

of Rose moons,

When you caress Moonkissed things,

With your generous bosom,

And ballerina hips,


And when your Beauty dazzles,

And kisses our Souls,

I feel the gregarious romance,

From the vintage lighthouse,

Upon the ethereal and exotic shore,

Such sweetness,

The Midnight breeze,

Does to your love,

When your sultry and pretty brow,

Leans like a lakeshore iris,

With the Beauty of your being,

When your Beauty dances,

And makes our souls hymn,

With love

Reynaldo Casison

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'

'Starbright, beauteous woman'

'Romantic Love Poems'







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