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Madonna in rio



I hope that I can watch the Rio show. I have globoplay, so I should be all set according to what I saw. I read that the concert starts at 745 eastern time, then I heard that the concert starts at 845 eastern time so I’ll keep an eye out. I also heard that  Diplos  set will be on multishow. Which is a channel on globoplay. I paid for my subscription just in case. I read that you don’t necessarily need a paid account with globoplay but knowing my luck.  I can’t wait last time I saw this tour was in Brooklyn and Boston in 2023 2024. I wish I could go to Rio but I can’t right now. Plus I love seeing Madonna live in person, but I’m getting older , and she didn’t start the Brooklyn show until 10:43 which is fine with me, but I get tired easily, so it will be also nice to see it on the tv where I can watch the concert on my couch, or bed in my own home. It should be a good show. I also read that Madonnas going to release the Rio show on streaming platforms, I don’t know which one but that might take awhile before we get to that point. 

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Eu daria um rim para ir a esse show no Rio. Moro em Salvador e estou desempregado, não tenho como ir e estou doente por isso. 



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