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I became a fan with COADF, when I was around ten. I was completely obsessed and just couldn't not think of Madonna. I was basically a Madonna fan to everyone around me. But it was even before that. My sister tells me I was hypnotises by the Frozen video, whilst she would crazy dance in front of tv for Ray of Light.


I wasn't able to see the shows in Brazil either for age or income. And then it finally happened. Took my savings of years and years and went to Los Angeles. It was the most special time of my life. I still wasn't able to post it all in my insta page bc I start crying watching it. I went to four shows, including the one with Kylie and OMG it was magic.


But I think tomorrow will be even better. I convinced my family to come. I'm not sure my mom will see much because she's so short lol, but doing it with my family will be even better. Thanks to all people who got involved in this. Watching Madonna with those I love is just the best thing ever. Good luck to everyone who's going to the show. Stay safe, stay fierce.

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I think I did the posting on the description, but this is the idea! Just to share with fellow subjects of the queen that this is IT! I'm so happy about it. Hope everyone can enjoy, either live or via tv   Also a little pic from LA.
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