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I'm really excited, I got confirmation for the Madame X Tour at the Wiltern for November 14. I've been a Madonna fan all my life. I've been reading members posts on the forum and some of the posts are kind of sad. For instance, fans who were members back in the day when u had to pay for membership but when things changed on the website and became free. People now have different statuses.  I'm glad im a legacy member, but for long time fans who aren't given legacy status due to dates when they joined the website. That sux. I've seen M for The Reinvention Tour, Coachella, Confessions, Sticky and Sweet,  Mdna (awful behind the stage seats) and the Rebel Heart tour. So I know the excitement and anxiety of getting tickets. Madame X tickets are different than any other show. So it's been a new kind of anxiety to get tickets. Good luck and energy to all my fellow Madonna fans.


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Hi there, it was strange that New York tickets were being offered on ticketmaster 2days ago... before the May 19 th deadline when all would be informed whether they have been successful or not in their request.  I have written to Ticketmaster to find out why this happened.  This is unfair by Ticketmaster...

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I was denied, too, for Chicago. Funny, I know people who have tickets and they're not Icon members -- they got them through the Citibank presale. The Icon priority was apparently BS. I'm incredibly disappointed.


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I didn’t get tickets either. Been a fan club member since the 90’s. I’m not active on the message board, and am for some reason not a legacy member. I don’t even remember any legacy member options being offered to me. So sad. This might be the first Madonna tour I miss. 

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Yup - seems to be quite a few fans who were denied. It just seems so weird. I wish someone would have some answers for us.

Even just a quick announcement like "ok you are a fan who didn't get tix, don't fret, public sales is happening this......insert whatever date."

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I have been a die hard, dedicated fan since 1983. I visited USA every summer and supported her every video release as a kid by calling MTV phone lines repeatedly to get her on the top of the top 10  MTV video spot every day, sneaked her posters and VHS cassettes into Saudi Arabia (where I lived) through tight custom security where they wouldn’t allow anything to pass through without censorship back then. I collected so many Madonna pins, stickers and posters as a kid. Growing up, her huge 6 foot poster was right behind my bed. Madonna’s message to “be yourself” and “express yourself” has resonated with me throughout my life. I am a successful physician rheumatologist now and owe a lot of my success to certain principles of “dedication” and “being yourself” that I learned from Madonna. My love for Madonna was highlighted in my wedding speech. I custom designed a painting named “Masterpice” (after her song) on 7 x 5 feet aluminum platform in my gym (see attached pic below), where I featured her as a fighter of life. I have cherished each and everyone song of her as a celebration of life!!! Recently Madonna posted video of my daughter and I dancing to Medellin challenge on her IG story as well. 

What touches me about Madonna is her music and charities. I have supported Raising Malawi with donations on her 60th birthday. What equally amazes me is that she never conforms to status quo. She stood up for coexistence of Palestine and Israel at Eurovision 2019 despite all the pressure. She is supporting so many great charities around the world and amazingly adopted and changed lives of so many of children from Malawi. That’s is why she is my Icon for life.

I was never able to sign up as a legacy ICON member as I was never introduced to her website and when I signed up, I was given classic icon membership.

Today, I got denied for 3 dates in NYC (front row Medellin VIP package). I am truly disappointed and not sure what I can do to see her once again in a live performance. I applied for a Citi card as soon as I got the denial today so I can increase my chance of  getting front row tickets at her Vegas show. It’s my lifetime wish to meet her one day and to tell her what she truly stands for in my life. Her “music” and “the principles of life” were right there for me when I needed them the most. 

I hope Madonna’s team forwards this message to her so she can herself decide if I deserve a chance to meet her in this life and to see her once again from the front row!


Hammad Bajwa, M.D.




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This is more than sad and I am not believing this method of getting tickets was created for the fans. Even worse, insisting in playing such a small venue with a very limited number of seats! Anyone can do the math and figure many true fans won't be able to get seats. Even if she performed 14 days in LA, that's around a total seat capacity of 30,000. Are you telling me Madonna that you don't have enough fans in LA and the surrounding area to fill our big arenas? I get wanting to perform in an intimate setting and it's a nice thought, but GIRL you can save that for Vegas. I've been a fan since day 1 and have always defended you but can't on this one.  Sadly common sense tells me there are only a limited number of years left that we all can enjoy your longevity. Maybe some of us fans will have to have a big party with your many videos playing all around us and be good with that. Likely it would be way cheaper and with you on the screen just as great. Why do this to dedicated fans????

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I understand the frustration too. I am actually ok with the theatre tour because I know this is something she herself has wanted to do. However, if you are a fan club member, such as myself, and such as the others here whom were denied tickets, I just think we should have been given some sort of guarantee. It's very, very sad.

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It seems there was a glitch in the Ticketmaster system last week and tickets were offered in the public domain online...at least for the New York performances....as I was waiting to hear from my initial request I did not purchase any tickets from Ticketmaster website.  I contacted Ticketmaster about this.  I wonder if and how many tickets were sold online while this glitch happened...when I checked back during this glitch, many tickets , as I remember packages may have been sold.  Shame on you Ticketmaster and all I got from you was check back to see when the public can buy tickets and have a nice day. Shame on you Ticketmaster...

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i hear some more london tickets have been released, been a madonna fan since lucky star way back in the day, seen her live at old Wembley in 87 with my girlfriend, (who I totally ignored all through the concert and now we are married & celebrating 30 years this year), few years back I went with my daughter to the 02 and again did not speak to her until Madonna had finished. Was hoping to go with them both this year for the 1st time ever, it's hard for us to go to things together as we have a son with severe Autism & Epilepsy and only get care on certain days.

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I have my fingers, toes and everything else crossed hoping that I get accepted for London tickets!! I need some Madame X, creamy smooth, pop icon goddess in my life!!! I don't care what the cost is/ what day / time whatever! - I have an audience with THE QUEEN to attend Haha

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I was so happy to receive my email from the icon team informing me of how I can register for pre release tickets, after reading the email i realised it was almost imposable to apply for these as am not a legacy member and nore am i a Citi bank card holder. 

Why should fans have to pay to be a member of of a fan club, without out us there would be no madonna. And why should die hard fans sign up to credit cards they don't want just to be in with a chance of getting a ticket. 

Madonna wanted an intimate experience with her fans, not all Citi bank card holders will be a fan but they have a better chance of getting a ticket over fan club members. This is all about indorsmant and money making. 

I completely understand the lottery system because there will be so many people wanting to see madonna, but to be up against Citi card holders this seems very unfair and not about the fans. The awful thing is in the email which was sent announcing the tour, it mentions the reason the lottery system was in place was to ensure that the actual fans got priority to the tickets and to stop bots buying up all the tickets for resale. However it is actually Citi card holders have the priority over the actual fans. It's going to be one boring concert if all the Citi bank card holders are at the front, most of which probably aren't  real fans and her real fans are stuck at the back with the dregs of tickets that were left over!


I have been a madonna fan for as long as I can remember and have seen her perform many times playing hundreds to go and watch her, I fear this time won't happen for me. 



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Im so disappointed :( did not manage to receive a presale code for London. Almost all shows are sold out and only bad seats are available 😕 won't even manage to see her. I have always hoped she will be back in europe for a tour. Have waited this moment for so long. Now that I managed to save enough money to watch her perform live.. i did not manage to get my hands on the uk tickets. I have searched the Internet trying to figure out how to become an icon legacy member.. :( any help someone? I am hoping I will manage I will get presale ticket code for Lisbon .. though im not making any hopes up. Can the support team help pls? :(

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1 minute ago, clamlt said:

Im so disappointed :( did not manage to receive a presale code for London. Almost all shows are sold out and only bad seats are available 😕 won't even manage to see her. I have always hoped she will be back in europe for a tour. Have waited this moment for so long. Now that I managed to save enough money to watch her perform live.. i did not manage to get my hands on the uk tickets. I have searched the Internet trying to figure out how to become an icon legacy member.. :( any help someone? I am hoping I will manage I will get presale ticket code for Lisbon .. though im not making any hopes up. Can the support team help pls? :(

You cant sign up to be a legacy member this was stopped years ago, I emailed the team about this a few days ago and they confirmed this. 

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Hi!  I received confirmation for Chicago!  Have you actually received your tickets within Ticketmaster yet?  They were supposed to be there within 48 hours or by May 22nd at the latest......  Thanksss


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Amazing how these ticket were supposed to be for true real fans & then end up on sale on well known resell websites. Would a real true fan buy a ticket & then resell straight away, I think not

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i receive 2 emails from ticket master for Madame x tour Paris saying: Now that we've identified you're a genuine fan, you have been randomly selected to receive an access code for tomorrow’s Verified Fan General presale. Below are details to help get you ready to have the best opportunity to access and purchase tickets.

Omg!! for sure or a joke? and i do not even have legacy membership or a city bank card lol....

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I’ve had a similar experience with the presale tickets. I got an email yesterday saying I was selected and to wait by my phone and check my email for the access code as tickets were going on sale at 10am. I live in NY so I was up all night bc of the time difference and guess what? Nothing! Not a text or email, nothing. I tried for NY and every other city that’s come available so I was very  excited, I can’t afford the VIP tickets but the fans I know who were willing to pay for the package got tickets. The artist and the promoters don’t care about the fans getting the tickets, they care about getting as much money as possible so this verified fan is garbage. Seems to me it’s a way to cut out the resellers for the benefit of the artist. I don’t mind Madonna getting bank, she deserves it but it would be nice if she were honest about it and said from the start that if you’re not in the 1% the only way you’re going is in your dreams.

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