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  1. Same here who knows we might bump into each other.
  2. Yay am I glad I kept that code, got tickets today today for all 3 to go to see Madonna together for the 1st time as a family
  3. Amazing how these ticket were supposed to be for true real fans & then end up on sale on well known resell websites. Would a real true fan buy a ticket & then resell straight away, I think not
  4. 007bondstarpaul


    No I just applied for the london shows
  5. 007bondstarpaul


    I got an email saying I am on the waiting list the other day & if I move up then I will be contacted. Anyone else had this email?
  6. i hear some more london tickets have been released, been a madonna fan since lucky star way back in the day, seen her live at old Wembley in 87 with my girlfriend, (who I totally ignored all through the concert and now we are married & celebrating 30 years this year), few years back I went with my daughter to the 02 and again did not speak to her until Madonna had finished. Was hoping to go with them both this year for the 1st time ever, it's hard for us to go to things together as we have a son with severe Autism & Epilepsy and only get care on certain days.
  7. Hoping for the london as well, 1st time ever to go with my wife & daughter if I am lucky
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