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    You cant sign up to be a legacy member this was stopped years ago, I emailed the team about this a few days ago and they confirmed this.
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    I was so happy to receive my email from the icon team informing me of how I can register for pre release tickets, after reading the email i realised it was almost imposable to apply for these as am not a legacy member and nore am i a Citi bank card holder. Why should fans have to pay to be a member of of a fan club, without out us there would be no madonna. And why should die hard fans sign up to credit cards they don't want just to be in with a chance of getting a ticket. Madonna wanted an intimate experience with her fans, not all Citi bank card holders will be a fan but they have a better chance of getting a ticket over fan club members. This is all about indorsmant and money making. I completely understand the lottery system because there will be so many people wanting to see madonna, but to be up against Citi card holders this seems very unfair and not about the fans. The awful thing is in the email which was sent announcing the tour, it mentions the reason the lottery system was in place was to ensure that the actual fans got priority to the tickets and to stop bots buying up all the tickets for resale. However it is actually Citi card holders have the priority over the actual fans. It's going to be one boring concert if all the Citi bank card holders are at the front, most of which probably aren't real fans and her real fans are stuck at the back with the dregs of tickets that were left over! I have been a madonna fan for as long as I can remember and have seen her perform many times playing hundreds to go and watch her, I fear this time won't happen for me.
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