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I'm really excited, I got confirmation for the Madame X Tour at the Wiltern for November 14. I've been a Madonna fan all my life. I've been reading members posts on the forum and some of the posts are kind of sad. For instance, fans who were members back in the day when u had to pay for membership but when things changed on the website and became free. People now have different statuses.  I'm glad im a legacy member, but for long time fans who aren't given legacy status due to dates when they joined the website. That sux. I've seen M for The Reinvention Tour, Coachella, Confessions, Sticky and Sweet,  Mdna (awful behind the stage seats) and the Rebel Heart tour. So I know the excitement and anxiety of getting tickets. Madame X tickets are different than any other show. So it's been a new kind of anxiety to get tickets. Good luck and energy to all my fellow Madonna fans.


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I've been a Madonna fan since 1983.

I missed out on a code for London presale tickets, but was allocated a verified fan code for the Friday on sale, but again missed out as I could only afford the lower 3 price tiers & sold out quick. I tried to get the disabled + guest first of all on Fri as have a mobility disability so ideally need to be at an end of aisle seat, but alas did it wrong as never applied for these sorts of seats b4.

At 9am today 3 new dates for London went on sale. A little annoyed as message already said on access phone line at 9:05am that disabled seats had all gone, so had to try for online tickets. Thanks to my beautiful sister who lent me the money (I'll pay it all back sis), I finally managed to get a pair of Royal Circle seats (on an end) at £245.85p each. They're towards the back but relieved & excited to have the seats. So I'm going with my sis on Feb 13th 2020. Love her to bits for being so kind to me.

I agree with others on here that ticket process hasn't been fair as think all ICON fans should've been allowed access. Just the touts & non fans who shouldn't. Been a very anxious time getting these tickets but now I can let the excitement begin. Really hope all fans on ICON get tickets. Xx


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2 hours ago, 007bondstarpaul said:

Yay am I glad I kept that code, got tickets today today for all 3 to go to see Madonna together for the 1st time as a family

So happy you got the London tickets today 😀 I finally got tickets today as well 😊 xx Been an anxious week but bring on February 2020 👍❤️xx

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11 hours ago, janan1310 said:

So happy you got the London tickets today 😀 I finally got tickets today as well 😊 xx Been an anxious week but bring on February 2020 👍❤️xx

Same here who knows we might bump into each other.

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I have a solo $360 (before fees) ticket to the NYC show on 10/7, but I'd like to swap it for a ticket for one of the other NYC dates. Is anyone interested in doing this?

I'm looking for 9/14, 9/15, 9/19, 9/22, 9/26, 9/28, 10/2, 10/3, 10/5, or 10/6 if anyone is interested. I'd also be okay trading this ticket for a pair of $135 tickets if that works as well.

If interested, please direct message me on Instagram to discuss. @Deepsky24MDNA. Thanks.

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Just got my denial email. I was Icon member 5644, since back in the day when you got a printed newsletter and magazine in the mail  a few times a year and used a Citi card.  If they were serious about fans getting tickets, tickets should have been issued with the attendees  name and not transferable. 😢


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Just got my denial email....second time around for this. So disappointed. I’ve been in the fan club since the 90’s! First Madonna tour I will most likely miss. Devastated. 

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