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Women are thought of as CRAZY -Ambrecel



My Lover and I are married,

Crazy I cut my hair to marriage hair,

Gods grooming.

Like my Lover has to have a goatee someday,

Because of his whoring,

Or coveting other men’s wives.

Yes I’m crazy to think I am married,

With no alter,

Dress and pastor.

I guess my pastor is the two headed monster.

Yes that woman is crazy,

I’m crazy,

Coach is crazy,

Why are females thought of as crazy?

Coach is an Angry woman,

Very married by god,

And her right to be very secretive about her marriage.

I’m married,

Not legally.

And yes you hear saying like,

That ***CENSORED*** is crazy,

All the ***CENSORED*** time.

This does not help women.


But hey I own crazy.

I talk to myself now,

So have to say I’m crazy to people,

Because that is what they are thinking right?

Coach is crazy right,

Talking about masturbation,

Long before I did,

And yes I believe Coach,

Could help this new marriage,

With a fellow superstar like herself.

You see,

Coach taught me,

And she was the first cheerleader,

While me,

I’m the bench student.

So I learned,

And married one of Coach’s friends,

This marriage started,

And yes over a year ago,

And I know Coach has been silent.

Coach is crazy right,

Like me.

I think the public will decide,

Here in my Lover’s cage.


Yes I'm the liar, I love it. Madonna is my Coach. Express yourself people! I love Madonna.




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