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Is the Catholic Church Still against Masturbation? - Ambrecel



I masturbate to my Lover,

Whom is my Adam,

And Adam had no legal papers to be married to Eve.

I want truth in these poems,

And got mad at the lies that my Lovers,

Abusive pissing media whore,

Wants in here,

For the poetry.

I know I say these are all lies.

I’m running against,

The pissing abusive media whore,

Is saying my Lover,

Is cheating with me in Telepathy,

Because of our spiritual,

Married sex.

And yes she kissed me on the hand once,

When my Lover and I were having our sex,

And he decided to have her watch.

Not certain if that was right for him to do.

So is she Catholic?

Wanting legal marriage to be the only sex allowed by humans?

I am former Catholic.

Excommunicated in the telepathy,

And not on paper.

So I know my mortal sin,

Was taking Jesus in my heart,

And then accepting my Adam,

Who is my Lover.

The pissing abusive media whore,

Does not like my masturbating to my Lover,

Just like the Catholic Church,

Did not like masturbation,

Men or women,

For sexual satisfaction.

Where copulation only in Legal Marriage,

Is the allowed sex.

I do not know if the current Pope,

Has lifted that SIN,

Or Law the church has,

About Masturbation.

I am my Lover’s Eve,

His other half of the magic,

That the two headed monster created.

And yes I like Masturbation for my sex life,

And yes I think my Lover does not mind,

Knowing I love him,

Wanting him sexually,

Because he feels me when I masturbate so he can join me if he choses,

My Lover wants to know,

How women in the Catholic church,

During the Crusades or any war,

Took care of sex,

IF Masturbation to their legal husbands,

Was banned.

Yes breaking law and church,

Is Jesus.

But why not allow souls to be married,

By god,

And law.

Instead of only having law marriages?

Angry Women are married women with Jesus in their hearts,

And they are partners with their husbands,

Plus they masturbate to their spouses.


Madonna I'm the ***CENSORED***, I was the ***CENSORED*** until 2011, long story on the truth of my Excommunication, I left the church, but never got excommunicated, only in spirit I am, not on paper. You are the key, my Lover and I are supposed to be all lies, but how do you get truth out when people will not talk about the truth.


YOU DID MADONNA, and I am your fan! I masturbate and I Express MYSELF! Yes my Lover abandoned me a while ago, and yes that is frowned on, but we had to create these! Yes I'm crazy. Love you Madonna!


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