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  1. I am bad at hebrew, And I know it, But I have the roots of these languages, Including Hebrew. So Hebrew is like Latin, With male and female is. Which I was looking for, God is love. What Jesus would have said, Because he knew the truth. Best I found, Is Hinne. And yes in my head I got, That is what would be properly said. So here is what Jesus would’ve said, “Jehovah hinne Ahava” Now Hinne, Means, behold, here is, It is the same, As what Christians state, God is love. So yes with Jesus inside, You get saved, But how did Jesus, That was simple, And it is eat for your animal, After Jesus went obedient to god, In the desert, He did what god wanted, And spoke to the people. My Lover knows, We Christians are not obedient. So Jehovah hinne Ahava, Would have been stated, Because Jesus, The tortured man knew the truth, Of Eating for his animal, And Jesus, Knew the rules, So he loved his soul-mate, And obeyed. A friend in telepathy wants me to add, That Behold makes sense, Since you Behold red a red cloth, And can point, That IS red. So Jehovah Hinne Ahava, God behold Love. Or it is love with a pointed finger. This is truth. I ahava you Madonna. Amanda
  2. This is personal, And I’m dealing with this in the cage. And yes Jewish is a religion not a race. So I have in my ex-husband’s past, His great grandfather is a rabi. That means religious leader of the Jews. Now his daughter, My former grandmother, Became christian. So this is tough, Here in the cage. I know my Lover did not come after me, And he could not be married to a saved woman. This saved woman, With Jesus inside, And my ex-husband lied about being spiritually married and saved, His great grandfather is a rabi. I want honor that family. But in the cage. I have to focus on stuff. I don’t want to focus on. And my Little people, Have that rabi inside them. The little people, Because of celebrity telepathy, Of someone who confessed to do this, Have been going through a hell. Not only are they part black, From me, And Russian from me, Two hated things, I added, Because I thought my ex-husband was my Lover. Again my Lover decided in 2000, March, Not to go after me. And HE KNEW THE TRUTH. So I legally married, My ex-husband So Celebrity telepathy, OF A WOMAN. Who clearly abuses my Lover, And I. TO get what she wants, Has also tried to threat the little people, And she hates on me. And the little people. My Little people, Might have had to wear the Jewish Armband, During the 1930’s, My Little people, Might have been killed in the gas chambers. Lucky they live in america, And will be christian, Because the Jew, Is gone from the family, Right, And I should NEVER honor the rabi, In the family right? I did honor the Rabi, By using the hebrew word Love. On a beloved child. Her name has Ahava in it. And she is loved. But the dramas of someone, Wanting something interesting, Hurts me, And the little people. Jesus used the word Ahave. YHVA, Translated to Jehoveh, Jehovah Ahava, Is god. Yes the male form or god is, Jehovah, And Ahava means love, The female, Which is Adam and Eve. Love in Hebrew is “Ahava”, Which God is AHAVA! So I love my little people, And one is honored in hebrew, For her great-grandfather. A rabi. She will be christian, But have that history. Is it wrong to protect her From a celebrity, And her media agenda.Lover Adam and Eve spoke somehow before language was taught. It had to be telepathy right. I love you Madonna. Ester. Amanda
  3. That is a symbol, And people do look up names, I did. And I got A “Yes” in my head. Rapist stalker media abusive pissing whore, In telepathy, Wants the world to know, Her last past life, She was a racist. And yes it showed up in her wishes. Yes it is out there. Claire means Clear. So the Symbol like in my Love. Is that my Lover, Wanted a white woman. Oh he tried to seem like, He’d be with black women, But he picked for his, WHORE. A woman, With a name, Her symbol of identity, Rich Clear White skinned. So the abusive media pissing whore, Wants everybody to know, She is a racist. And yes the industry, Of music has lost, Black acts for 15 years. 15 years of black acts, Not really blowing up, And I know why. There are only two new african american women acts, In that 15 years. Hips, And RiRi. So racism, Is in the industry, And it is in her name. In the 1990’s, Lil Kim, There was Envogue, Destiny’s Child, TLC, And some strong, African American Female singers, Like Mary J Blige, And Lauren Hill, Tony Braxton, In the 2000’s, They disappeared, And were not replaced. But hey, Lets make a new trend, And bring back some African American Women singers, We need a new Supremes, But hey, 15 years of not seeing that, Seems strange, Because the 1960’s had the Supremes, 1970’s had disco and strong African american singers, Donna Summers. The 1980’s were not a drought, Rap started having women rappers and singers, Queen Latifa. Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey. That is more than two. But 15 years since the 1990’s they all disappear, For only 2 acts, Hips and RiRi, That is it in pop? Well, One song writer, Is controlled by a racist, And it is in her name. I apologize if I get this wrong, But I want a NEW DESTINY’s child, A new Tony Braxton. And yes Mary J Blige is still touring, But I want another one. There is one more cool 1980’s singer, And she sang bubble gum, I cannot remember her name, But it was about her boyfriend, Deniece Williams, Let’s Hear It For The Boy! And it was cool, I want her back too. And yes don’t hire because of skin, But hey, Why is the industry today, Mostly white? If I get this wrong, I will correct myself, Where is a new TLC? Where is a New Lauren Hill? Please help me find them. Riri is Rihanna and I am glad she is in the industry. Hips is Nicki Minaj, I love Nicki Minaj! Okay I love Rihanna too... Where are the other acts. If I got this wrong, I will correct myself. Love you, I'm responsible for my words not Madonna. I love Madonna. Amanda
  4. I’m George Sand, And I’ve known this for a long time. So Coach being mom, Was no surprise, Since that means, She is a dance, Over two centuries ago. She was a christian. And her name was Sophie-Victorie Delaborde Yup, It is like me, I’m Mandy-May sometimes. Prayer wishes happen and they come true. So these prayer wishes started in the 1700’s, OH MY GOD, And Coach is a dancer, Bad Actress, And controversial back then. Yes Sophie was with her soul-mate, And controversial, So Coach is the mother of George Sand. And wishes happened. Mary Shelley, Is the pissing abusive media whore, And all lived in the same time, Chopin, Is Goerge Sand’s. Soul-mate, Who happens to be my Lover. This will be explained, In cloud atlas, And I am, George Sand. The two headed monster is writing this story. And I love Coach. Coach took care of me, And George Sand’s mother, Taught her how to get married secretly, To a man, Who hates being the younger man, Chopin. Some of this stuff I am writing, Was planned in the 1800’s. Madonna is Queen Ester. So I understand, and truth is stranger than fiction, but this will be called lies. I know who the reincarnated Mary Shelley is and she is creating more monsters. Amanda
  5. I do sleep naked, I do this, Because men, Seeing a naked woman, Do not know what to do. Seeing a woman in clothing, De-humanizes her. Makes her available. When being naked makes me an animal. Men do not touch, Alone sleeping naked women. Because they know she is a person. That is me, And I trust, God to protect me when I am sleeping. Coach wants this, And she also wants it known. That animals really use telepathy, To talk to one another. And people only have telepathy, After the tortured man, Comes inside. Coach is a very busy woman, She coaches many people. And yes she started as a cheerleader, So it is her natural job, And she is an animal like me. We know our animal. And that is why, In telepathy, She can coach me. Vampires are animals, And in writing they are allowed their magic, Why not people like coach and me. And my Lover, Have our magic? Madonna is the key, and she is the coach. REBEL HEART, we are not burned at the steak anymore, we are not hung anylonger, and we believe in a higher power! I love Madonna, and yes call me crazy I don't care, I am little animal, my nickname in Washington state! Love ya, Amanda Justify My Love
  6. Or formerly known as, The ***CENSORED***. I love being a ***CENSORED***. Anyway, Coach came in today, And Yes I am not a Michael Jackson fan, Not hugely, I’M A COACH FAN. And yes she started as a cheerleader, Now she is the cheering coach. Well, Animals talk in telepath, And that is what Coach wants me to say, And there is gonna, Be another poem about the same topic, And through out the book series now. ANIMALS ARE TELEPATHIC. They have no words, And we say body language is their language, But TELEPATHY, IS WHAT GOD ALLAH, Gave us, The two headed monster. So Coach wants this poem, And She’s not sorry, IT IS HUMAN NATURE. So yes I’m the ***CENSORED***, And she’s the coach for my Lover, And many many people. I masturbate because of her. And I got married, So she’s my mentor, And I know Jesus is the key, To our telepathy, And I call him the tortured. I responsible for my content not Madonna, I am just a fan, and Madonna is my key to a treasure. TELEPATHY IS REAL. GOD IS LOVE. TRUTH IS FREEDOM. REBEL HEART. I Lover you Madonna. AMANDA
  7. Too Young is a book that is coming up, And yes a person, That openly picked on me, And still does, Is too young, And he does it on SNL, And Ellen. But hey, Things happen. Well, I don’t know him, And he does not know me. But hey My Lover and I, Are Boyfriend. So I happy, My Lover and Too Young, Are in contact, In a nice way. And Too young, PICKS ON BOTH THE LOVER AND I, In Boyfriend. So a book is coming, Dedicated, To a generation, Too young, But not, To vote. Like Vampire, It is inspired by politics, And a generation, Shaped by my Lover, And Too young. And yes I’m too old, To I pick on too young. It is Just in. And he believes, In Jesus and god. And he’s Alive. Justin Bieber is Too Young. I love the new song ***CENSORED*** I'm Madonna! And I love Madonna, she is the key to Ambrecel.com and hey secrets happen. I Love you Madonna! Amanda
  8. I’m the Promiscuous girl, And yes the Great Producer produced that one. Yes I lie right, Well here’s the truth. I was flirting with the Great Producer, And the lie I want, Is that he was in my town, Looking for talent. That is to protect a friend. You see he was fun to flirt with. And yes the phone call, That Nelly Furtado, Was singing, Was a phone call between, The Great Producer and I. Of course my Husband, My Lover, Had to be in the music video, Since I am the Amanda of Tunnel Vision. I can write, That the Great Producer and I were friends, And yes he was not promiscuous either. The Promiscuous boy, Is the Great Producer. So I don’t know all the rumors, SO will not write anything about that. And yes these are about the two headed monster. I met the Great Producer, Not at Celebrities, But we can start there. For our lie, Our story. And yes my Lover, Had to be in the music video, Because I really never slept around that much, And husbands, Spiritual husbands, Should be happy about that, And my Lover seems happy in the music video. Trace the Footsteps. The Great Producer is Timbaland. Madonna is still the key. Love Amanda
  9. My Lover and I are married, Crazy I cut my hair to marriage hair, Gods grooming. Like my Lover has to have a goatee someday, Because of his whoring, Or coveting other men’s wives. Yes I’m crazy to think I am married, With no alter, Dress and pastor. I guess my pastor is the two headed monster. Yes that woman is crazy, I’m crazy, Coach is crazy, Why are females thought of as crazy? Coach is an Angry woman, Very married by god, And her right to be very secretive about her marriage. I’m married, Not legally. And yes you hear saying like, That ***CENSORED*** is crazy, All the ***CENSORED*** time. This does not help women. Nope, But hey I own crazy. I talk to myself now, So have to say I’m crazy to people, Because that is what they are thinking right? Coach is crazy right, Talking about masturbation, Long before I did, And yes I believe Coach, Could help this new marriage, With a fellow superstar like herself. You see, Coach taught me, And she was the first cheerleader, While me, I’m the bench student. So I learned, And married one of Coach’s friends, This marriage started, And yes over a year ago, And I know Coach has been silent. Coach is crazy right, Like me. I think the public will decide, Here in my Lover’s cage. Yes I'm the liar, I love it. Madonna is my Coach. Express yourself people! I love Madonna. Amanda
  10. I masturbate to my Lover, Whom is my Adam, And Adam had no legal papers to be married to Eve. I want truth in these poems, And got mad at the lies that my Lovers, Abusive pissing media whore, Wants in here, For the poetry. I know I say these are all lies. I’m running against, The pissing abusive media whore, Is saying my Lover, Is cheating with me in Telepathy, Because of our spiritual, Married sex. And yes she kissed me on the hand once, When my Lover and I were having our sex, And he decided to have her watch. Not certain if that was right for him to do. So is she Catholic? Wanting legal marriage to be the only sex allowed by humans? I am former Catholic. Excommunicated in the telepathy, And not on paper. So I know my mortal sin, Was taking Jesus in my heart, And then accepting my Adam, Who is my Lover. The pissing abusive media whore, Does not like my masturbating to my Lover, Just like the Catholic Church, Did not like masturbation, Men or women, For sexual satisfaction. Where copulation only in Legal Marriage, Is the allowed sex. I do not know if the current Pope, Has lifted that SIN, Or Law the church has, About Masturbation. I am my Lover’s Eve, His other half of the magic, That the two headed monster created. And yes I like Masturbation for my sex life, And yes I think my Lover does not mind, Knowing I love him, Wanting him sexually, Because he feels me when I masturbate so he can join me if he choses, My Lover wants to know, How women in the Catholic church, During the Crusades or any war, Took care of sex, IF Masturbation to their legal husbands, Was banned. Yes breaking law and church, Is Jesus. But why not allow souls to be married, By god, And law. Instead of only having law marriages? Angry Women are married women with Jesus in their hearts, And they are partners with their husbands, Plus they masturbate to their spouses. Madonna I'm the ***CENSORED***, I was the ***CENSORED*** until 2011, long story on the truth of my Excommunication, I left the church, but never got excommunicated, only in spirit I am, not on paper. You are the key, my Lover and I are supposed to be all lies, but how do you get truth out when people will not talk about the truth. YOU DID MADONNA, and I am your fan! I masturbate and I Express MYSELF! Yes my Lover abandoned me a while ago, and yes that is frowned on, but we had to create these! Yes I'm crazy. Love you Madonna! Amanda
  11. Poems to get truth out there, And yes the Divinyls, Got into my Twitter yesterday. David wrote Psalms, As worship, Showing love to god, And yes to tell truths, That he could not tell. I do not know who wrote Proverbs, And yes I hate the bible, BUT I LOVE PSALMS AND PROVERBS. Poetry to read from the past! My Lover is like King David, A poet, That slue doubt, Or Goliath Which could be known as doubt because how could someone so small slay the giant of FAME, And yes I was in the shower when he saw me, When he was too young to look. By the way some stuff about my Lover in the media is pure lies. Yes my Lover, Gave a turquios ring, With four chambers, To a family, I had tried to join. So like King David I was separated, To be taken by my Lover in this cage. So the Divinyls, Have a bride at the beginning of their music video, I touch myself, It is about in my opinion, Marriage and puppet hips, Using the ancient form of poetry to tell the truth, About Christians, And their magic of being doubting Thomas, Because they know, While the walking dead only have belief. Yes Christian know the truth, But Walking dead, Live on pure belief. Think on that, And this cage, For my marriage to my Lover, Is sad and lonely, Because my Lover says there are no rules, But he makes rules for me to live by. The Divinyls are in this, and yes they are playing self, because of a music video with a bride in the beginning, I was inspired to write this fiction. Write, Jesus has blue eyes... i lie. So do christians, catholics and the media. I love you Madonna is no lie. Amanda
  12. My Tennessee Lover, IS a bright man, So smart, He forgot to read his women’s history, And yes more photos and money would’ve happened, But he’s smart, I’m a crazy stalker, Stuck in his media cage, Because of his music, As a secret, Like Carly Simon’s, YOU'Re SO VEIN! Yes women’s politics is not an important media issue. Yes for two years I worked on this, Connecting 20/20 with experience, To 2020, August 2020 And first 100 of the women’s vote, For the first women’s president, So looking up history, On the day congress, Said it was okay to send the bill to the states, And yes I have to get my history right, That happened in JUNE 1919! So I read, It was his state, MY LOVER’S STATE! TENNESSEE! August 18, 1920, That gave women power in the USA! VOTE! Yes his own home! Elvis’s home! I guess Tennessee will lose my Lover, And yes I’ll be sued later for this, Because pissing abusive media whore, Wanted head rape, And abuse instead of photos, And heroism for women’s politics. Okay Carly Simon is in this one, with you're so vein! I love you Madonna, you are the key, Celebrity book 8 Amanda
  13. I know I am a person stuck in the cage, As a secret to my Celebrity, And yes did not want to write this book. I wanted to write Angry Women, I got forced into this, By telepathy. I want BURT AND ERNIE tee shirts next week! Okay, I know I am risking my new life, To write these poems, And I know my Lover, Is male, While I’m gay! Yes I love my Lover, Who is male! Okay I do a good bi-sexual in real life, Not in the spirit. So next week is a thing I look forward too, And yes my 2011, Experience, Before my Divorce began, Was Gay Days! And yes I loved every minute of being around families, And yes same sex families, Those that glow love, And understanding. The magic was there that day, And yes Dark Horse, Had a group of male dancers, That I followed on Gay days, I got on every ride when I followed them, Walk ON! With my Family. So same sex families, Are from the two headed monster, And yes a soul-mate, Can have the same meat sack parts. Yes I support, Gay Legal property paperwork, Legal marriage, Even though, I am divorced from a man, And married illegally, To my soul mate. So please I am hoping, TO be supportive, Of my company I work for, But my Lover, IS a former employee of the same company. So gay days I want to work, And serve! If not, I’m there! Gay Days are June 6! This year, ON a Saturday, And yes same sex can have the tortured man in their hearts, And follow god, To find their soul mates! Dark horse is Katy Perry, and yes some reality gets into lies. Madonna is the key. Remember Jesus Christ is a liar too! Love Amanda
  14. I see them now, When a wink is not needed, In Jerry Macquire bathroom scene, Help me Help you, A fast wink came in. Well seen, Right on Tom Cruise. I’m in my cage, And knowing what I was supposed to write about, My Lover and I, Are in this enclosure together, And I love my Movies, It helps me get through the day, So I am watching for the auto winks, That fellow actors get, And yes a few months ago, Don’t remember the month, The two headed monster told me, I am an actress, So another same with my Lover, Since our only time together, Fifteen years ago, My Lover talked about play fighting, And his passion for acting was there, I’m just a writer, So I play my parts in my head, And then they go on paper. So maybe I hope to work, In film, Now, Nah, I’ll write, But I might work with Romeo, And Tom Cruise, How’d he get in this book. Oh auto winks, Is apart of being with Jesus in your heart, And it is okay to believe in other things, After being saved. Tom Cruise is Jerry Macguire, he's playing self in this poem, and Romeo is Leo Dicaprio. Madonna is still the key, love always finds the way. Love Amanda
  15. Starting to develop ideas, For Trace the footsteps, And I need to write about 40 days and nights, And Jesus walking from town to town, Sometimes a two to three day walk, I’ll do this in Trace the Footsteps, That is after Angry Women, Which is for women’s politics, Like for Take Back the Night, National Organization for women, And Too Young, Because Too Young’s people, Are the children of Angry Women right? Nah, Every woman is an Angry Woman, Because Too Young’s People, Are too tempting and want politics too, To become politically powerful, My Lover is being abused, And is not breaking the cycle of abuse, That is Honeymoon, Build-up, Violence, Then honeymoon again, Build-up, Violence. That is why I am sorta, Writing, These poetry news articles, Nobody will believe this, I bet Crazy Jesus would. Too Young is Justin Bieber. I love you Madonna. Amanda
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