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Psalms and Proverbs -Ambrecel



Poems to get truth out there,

And yes the Divinyls,

Got into my Twitter yesterday.

David wrote Psalms,

As worship,

Showing love to god,

And yes to tell truths,

That he could not tell.

I do not know who wrote Proverbs,

And yes I hate the bible,


Poetry to read from the past!

My Lover is like King David,

A poet,

That slue doubt,

Or Goliath

Which could be known as doubt because how could someone so small slay the giant of FAME,

And yes I was in the shower when he saw me,

When he was too young to look.

By the way some stuff about my Lover in the media is pure lies.

Yes my Lover,

Gave a turquios ring,

With four chambers,

To a family,

I had tried to join.

So like King David I was separated,

To be taken by my Lover in this cage.

So the Divinyls,

Have a bride at the beginning of their music video,

I touch myself,

It is about in my opinion,

Marriage and puppet hips,

Using the ancient form of poetry to tell the truth,

About Christians,

And their magic of being doubting Thomas,

Because they know,

While the walking dead only have belief.

Yes Christian know the truth,

But Walking dead,

Live on pure belief.

Think on that,

And this cage,

For my marriage to my Lover,

Is sad and lonely,

Because my Lover says there are no rules,

But he makes rules for me to live by.


The Divinyls are in this, and yes they are playing self, because of a music video with a bride in the beginning, I was inspired to write this fiction. Write, Jesus has blue eyes... i lie. So do christians, catholics and the media. I love you Madonna is no lie.


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