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The Great Producer Promiscuous -Ambrecel



I’m the Promiscuous girl,

And yes the Great Producer produced that one.

Yes I lie right,

Well here’s the truth.

I was flirting with the Great Producer,

And the lie I want,

Is that he was in my town,

Looking for talent.

That is to protect a friend.

You see he was fun to flirt with.

And yes the phone call,

That Nelly Furtado,

Was singing,

Was a phone call between,

The Great Producer and I.

Of course my Husband,

My Lover,

Had to be in the music video,

Since I am the Amanda of Tunnel Vision.

I can write,

That the Great Producer and I were friends,

And yes he was not promiscuous either.

The Promiscuous boy,

Is the Great Producer.

So I don’t know all the rumors,

SO will not write anything about that.

And yes these are about the two headed monster.

I met the Great Producer,

Not at Celebrities,

But we can start there.

For our lie,

Our story.

And yes my Lover,

Had to be in the music video,

Because I really never slept around that much,

And husbands,

Spiritual husbands,

Should be happy about that,

And my Lover seems happy in the music video.

Trace the Footsteps.


The Great Producer is Timbaland. Madonna is still the key.


Love Amanda


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