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It took three Parents one Jacket - Ambrecel



Okay need to tell the Jacket story,

Which second Daddy,

My Lover helped out with.

It was the next day,

After some shouting verbal abuse.

That was right outside my apartment door.

My ex-husband needed me to shop,

So I got some money from him,

And I gladly did this.

So at the store,


Because it means My Lover was cheating on Target,

Anyway I have opinions on work wages at some stores,

But I’m clearly a HUGE HYPOCRITE,

Nobody needs to know I sometimes shop at the enemy’s store.

So I went shopping,

With my Little People.

So I know I got what I needed then went for the jacket,

Got said hello to by a future Evil Twin.

Evil Twin is NOT MY LOVER!

So I knew it was my Lover,

Who picked the jacket,

His wonderful vibe was there,

And I know that vibe always attracts me.

When so many do not.

My Lover picked the Jacket.

I bought.

So I was transportation of the little people to the store and purchaser,

My ex-husband money for the jacket,

My Lover made the choice.

All parents worked together.

I think my Lover was working with my Ex-husband in telepathy again.

It is okay this is Angry men,

And yes the two headed monster created this weird family.

Like he did for John the Baptist,

And my Lover wants in hypothetical ideas,

That the younger man,

Who donated blood by a bruise,

Elizabeth’s Lover,

Okay Elizabeth’s soul mate,

To be one of the twelve apostles,

And yes that John’s miracle would never be understood,

Until modern science,

So John’s miracle comes before Jesus,

But not understood.

Because John the Baptist had two biological fathers.

People understand masturbation and puppet hips,

Can be demonstrated like Coach did on stage.

And yes I am so proud of Coach for her bravery,

Coach proved immaculate conception could happen,

With puppet hips.

So The end,

Of three parents buying one jacket for a five year old.


Thank you Madonna for Masturbating on stage. I am working on this epic collection, the key here is Coach and she is Madonna!

Love Amanda


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