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Focus on Music - Ambrecel



Which means remember I’m a Liar,

And yes my Name,

Amanda is in Tunnel Vision.

Zoom Zoom Zoom.

My Angry Men want wives,

Not ***CENSORED*** whores on birth control.

Of course non-stop ***CENSORED*** is the best

Yes just like chasing Waterfalls,

These Angry Men,

Have three little letters making them face their final rest.

Don’t you Love TLC.


My Lover has grandparents,


And yes my Lover told me,

I was going have his baby.

We fought,

And he WON!

I had three with him.

I know Magically.

I believe in magic,

And that my Lover really is a daddy.

He became one in 2006.

And my Miracles,

Because of my Lover and I,

Being one.

A whole baby god!

Or child.

Yes I’m crazy in public,

And you see me talking to myself,

It is telepathy.

But we pretend I’m on bluetooth.

So his grandparents inspired him.

Now sadly,

I am not with my miracles,

And yes I started going crazy with the first day of Kindergarten,

For the oldest girl.

Without god’s magic,

She would not be here.

I thought my Lover being there at her kindergarten class as a ghost,

Was wrong,

But he was right to be there for her.


In translucent paint,

Over her classroom 19.

So both her daddy’s were there for her.

Her second daddy,

The jet setting magic daddy,

Wants in her life.

He cannot.

Because he’s not married to me legally,

Plus gods magic has to be believed.

Yes Seaside still has his paint for her,

A special gift for his daughter.

That he cannot see.

Now Ambrecel,

Is my Lover’s two daughters,

And son in my Name.

So when it showed up last year in,

Not a Bad Thing,

In the middle about family,

Yes wouldn’t it be nice,

For him to wake up with his children everyday.

Yes this is fiction right?

Miracles do not happen,

And I’m a liar.

I need to focus on the music,

To keep the two headed monster alive,

Because music is like love,

And you can surround yourself.

Again it only took one drop,

Of my Lover’s wished away bruise,

That came to me,

To help repair,

Royalties bad cells,

To create three wonderful little people.

My Lover’s blood,

Was repair work for two other adults,

That needed a second dad.

Like John the Baptist who had this miracle happen.


Madonna is still the Key! TLC's song Waterfall is in this. And NSYNC is in this poem with GONE GONE GONE, the classroom is an actual event that the band did, I am not certain it was Justin Timberlake painting the words in the paint over the classroom, but you can find out later which school in Seaside CA, and look. If it does not get painted over or the school closes. For safety of the children at that school, I am not divulging that information currently.

Love you



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