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Teach about Music- Ambrecel



How can I be with my Lover now?

He’ll know I want the advertising

Because I have to sell my books.

And yes he did for his privacy,

Change his name to Travis.

I fell in love with a stranger.

Love is something that surrounds a person,

And yes his love is in the music.

I hear it.

I listened.

And yes he was raised by a parent,

From the music generation.

Of transistor radios,

And music around as love,

With the Rolling Stone,

Carole King,


Donna Summer,


And I know make up a nick name for those.

I cannot forget my Chicago.

Yes I love CHICAGO!

Well when I was in heaven,

With the two headed monster,

Last year,

I knew what love was for the first time.

It surrounds you.

Like a music concert.

You are in Love,

You have it all around,

And you are enjoying it.

Yes I’m in love with my lover,

Not the abusive co-dependent.

I’m not afraid of him leaving,

Not anymore.

Co-dependent is fear,

You want to control so you are co-dependent,

Not loving,

I will need to look up the real definition of co-dependent,

Because it is like holding onto money,

And being fearful that it will never be there again.

So I was afraid,

When I did not see my Lover in 1999,

Yes when I could not find him,

I wished to never be in love again.

So the two headed monster,

Wants people to learn love,

And maybe the Boomer generation,

Forgot to teach mine.

About their music.


The Coach will be back in the poetry soon, and yes some is truth, some is fiction, and yes my Lover is a musician.


This is all self in this poem, but Madonna is still the key:



Rolling Stone

Carol King

Donna Summer


I love Madonna,



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