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A generation of Emotion - Ambrecel



Angry men,

Have the tortured soul inside of them.

But mixed media on how to behave.

Some watched late night,

Or another show,


Because parents were not there,

Or they were but the TV was the baby sitter.

My Lover is in this generation.

And yes the mixed signals,

Of the parents,

And the Boomer generation.

Some of my generation is lost.

Due to the politics.

And yes we are supposed to take power,

But we did,

Sorta on the internet.

The two headed monster,

Comes first though.

And that is lost.

Yes worshiping the tortured soul happens.

Most don’t remember the father.


Because the tortured soul is supposed to be one with god.

I can tell you,

When in the dark heaven.

You are surrounded by a feeling.


How do you describe a feeling?

You are still you.

Not one thinking as one with god.

So the tortured soul,

Is separate,

And needs to be inside.

To talk to a huge emotion.

You see god is love.

Love is emotion,

And action.

With no rules.

How is love not a rule?

Angry men were created,

And yes I will go into how men act soon.

Men act out of emotion.

And my Lover does too.

Yes I’m in love with my Lover,

For years.


Madonna is still my Key! I love her song FROZEN!


Johnny Carson got into this poem as TSSJC


Love you,



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