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Romeo Did It -Ambrecel



Appian way means Library,

Tome keeper,

Means Library.

Okay my site Tome Keeper is gone.

Which became Ambrecel.

Romeo inspires me.

And always has.

I know when I started searching for my song writer,

Who happens to be my other half,

Of this demi-god.

Weird I do not recall being good at music.



Is someone I want to work with,

And yes in 3-d,


And I can mistake him,

For an old boyfriend.

So I’m Cursed,

When it comes to Romeo.

Now I wanted Romeo’s Media,

When I realized,

That I am the woman,

IN all those songs.

Romeo is a huge sex symbol,

And yes his media had to calm down due to that.

I am no sex symbol,

Just the woman that inspired many songs launched.

And yes last spring,

Not A Bad Thing,

Cemented it.

With Am Bre Cel,

In the middle.

So why Romeo’s Media.


You do not know him.

He has privacy,

You hear about a few dates,

And break ups,

Nothing dramatic,

And it focuses on his work,

Not on his personal life.

Focusing on personal life,



For environmental politics.

My Romeo’s media,

Focuses on his issues,

And his movies,

And that is it.

That was why I chose crazily,

His media team,

In Sunshine Sachs.

I cannot afford that yet,

So I tell some stuff,

To that place,

In e-mail.

And then walk away.

So Romeo,

I love you as a colleague.

And probably will never work with you,

Like I wished,

Because my pussy gets wet,

When you are in 3-d.

And no kisses in 1992 disneyland,

Will make me want to get next to you again.

Yes the two headed monster,

Gave me actress as my career,

And I do not recall being good at acting either,

Celebrity stuck in a cage that my Lover made for me.


Good job to Sunshine Sachs for getting in here, and as of last year, I don't know this year, you were handling Leo Dicaprio media, I still want that team, but I'm crazy liar.


Madonna is the key!




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