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Beyonce is Mama Fierce- Ambrecel



Age is an issue,

And yes Dick in the box is coming up soon.

No one has an issue,

With Papa Fierce,

Being older than Mama Fierce.

They have an issue,

Sometimes with me,

Being older,

Than my Lover.

Papa Fierce had chest hair,

And was tall.

When a child was just dreaming of her destiny.

When I had breasts,

And could be naked in a shower,

I saw someone who could not shave,

Peaking in,

At my new being a woman’s body.

My Lover had no chest hair,

His voice was not deep.

And yes I written out of his story.

I am still older,

And yes his dick comes,

To me.

That is another poem.

So Cheating happened,

Because I am older,

I was interested in men,

When my Lover was just a boy.


Beyonce is Mama Fierce. Jay Z is Papa Fierce. SNL is in this poem.




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